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The content of the book may be characterized as fundamental genderism, i.e. one strictly accepting the existence of the two sexes, man and woman, in all their attributes of biological/mental/social differentiation, which is in absolute opposition to the concept of gender equality, which is presented in the media as genderism. In fact, the concept of gender equality is gender-based nihilism which, by attacking a woman, breaks all the integrating values of human society, and the book proves that it will ideologically cause such destruction, which must lead to the destruction of the human species. The unplanned consequence of the concept of fundamental genderism is the finding that the only dangle to translating today’s “intellectual marasmus” of political elite into nuclear apocalypse and the demise of humankind is the current US President Donald Trump, who is the most intelligent, most ambitious, and most humane politician the US can give the world. Exceptionality of Donald Trump is that, from the perspective of the book, he is the type of “alpha male” predator who only accepts the world by himself, and since his world is natural, he is immune to all pervert ideologies and would eventually “settle” the human society into its natural paths, whereby he in fact will save our civilization.

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Generalizing the first readers’ responses:

The first responses by readers aged 17-71 show that especially women above 30 have almost unanimously responded in a sense that this text is something completely new and interesting, and on the basis of their experience and intuition they feel that the content of the book is true and allows them to see life in understandable contexts.

Zdenek Rybar, Economist, Adviser ex-Prime Minister of the Czech republic:

The book, which I had the honor to read very shortly after its release, offers such a comprehensive view of society, the rules and mechanisms that govern it, that it is very difficult to highlight any of them. Yet one of the author’s theses shocked me the most –  the one that deals with the current US President. Trump’s effort to stand out at any cost and at any opportunity must simply polarize any society, not just the American one. And, of course, part of the idea is to assume that Donald Trump is a fool, and that he is being ridiculous in the way he acts (I confess I have belonged to this group until recently). The author has set me perfectly right with myself having turned out a fool. The book Theory of Truth has literally opened my eyes through its analysis and its detailed taxonomy of alpha males and its analysis of their influence on society. Any complex system, if it is to remain functional for an extended period of time, must be capable of self-regulation. Its effectiveness is then determined by the duration of the phenomenon or the system. Humanity, given its well-known history and the current number of individuals on this planet, obviously has good self-regulation. However, I would never have thought that a Donald Trump alpha male could be an essential self-regulating element of human society, moreover, with a positive impact on virtually all the areas of human life, even on the worldwide scale. The purgatory power of sovereignty, naturalness, and simplicity through which alpha males may assert themselves, in this case against the complicated moral-ethical constructs used by other leaders – these are the thoughts whose consequences have just absorbed me. If you want to experience the adventures of discovering new and often unexpected connections just like I have, do not hesitate and start reading. If you are a thoughtful reader, you will find countless topics you need to think about. I suppose that the author will soon honor us with a continuation and will give us a detailed rendering of the themes he has merely touched upon in this book. Thanks for the wonderful experience, and I cannot wait to read other ideas and suggestions by which the author will, in his original style, once again stimulate our taste for knowledge.

Jana Gasparovicova, Language reviewer:

This text is unique indeed, it’s something new, a cross-section or interconnection of relevant pieces of knowledge of philosophical and economic character, knowledge from physics, social sciences, etc. It is a very necessary message that, I believe, should induce social discourse and help to understand the context or to start the necessary changes in this post-post-modern period of ours.

Stefan Franko, Translator, University teacher:

The book caused me a graceful intellectual ride, and I only slept for 1-2 hours a day, so I translated all of this book within a week. I’ve been searching for a book that would explain the „world“ in libraries and bookshops for all my life – and I got it for translation.

Xaver Gubas, Mathematician, School reform activist:

The book has an impact on redefining the goal of school education, especially at the level of primary and secondary education, where the ultimate task must be to create a social personality from the child as a precondition/capability for living a happy life while creating the possibility of peaceful coexistence of human beings.

At the same time, he drew the author’s attention to a documentary about the community of baboons and dogs at the dumping yard by Abu Dhabi.

Author’s observation:

When the author offered some parts of this book to readers for their intermittent reading, he saw their necks blushing and the breathing accelerated, they experienced excitement from the knowledge, from seeing the invisible, from the discovery of the inner sight, which allowed them an almost physical experience of being immersed in knowledge.

Response to educational suggestions based on the book content:

There is a neurosurgeon in the US who studies the human cerebral cortex and he found that violent individuals have a specific brain structure. When he was once examining his own brain on the CT device, he found he had the assumptions of violent behavior. He subsequently underwent genealogical research on his blood relatives and for the past 200 years he has discovered several murderers in his pedigree, and he explains the reason for his not having become a violent person by his being exposed to education in a loving milieu, which is not untrue, but from the point of view of the contents of the book one may state that what is necessary for living a full-fledged life and attaining personal happiness, it is necessary to form a personality in the “I-am-myself” self-image and protection against addiction, thereby preserving full social connectivity in the sense of being able to taking responsibility for one’s deeds and helping the neighbor, so that the development of human personality may continue. Dis-simultaneous consciousness and will, whose sign in the consciousness is merely a cumulative gathering of knowledge without an understanding of the context and in the will there arises acceleration of egocentrism, such a dis-simultaneous/under-developed personality in the matter of motivation remains just at the level of a biological entity in the grip of sensory stimuli, instincts, and needs, which then form the dominant “software/mental” equipment of the undeveloped personality who thus takes control of the behavior of such an entity, i.e. it becomes an instinctive automaton. In enabling the rise and development of the personality of man, this instinctive personality trait will not disappear, but with the growth of personality qualities, the size of which is not limited, its significance is marginalized by diminishing it to “a storm in a glass of water that does not affect the infinite breadth of the ocean of a complex human person.”

Inspiration from the Abu Dhabi dumping yard may be interpreted from the viewpoint of the background sources of the book “Theory of Truth” in that the dumpster is an economic source of easily available food in the hostile environment of the Arabian desert, and the attacks by packs of stalking dogs that hunt the baboons as their source of livelihood represent for the baboons the only external threat to the loss of control over the sources. Controlling the economic source required baboons to socialize, but the existential pressure from the dogs forced the socialization of another animal species/dogs into the baboon community, while the dogs were included in the community through basic social engineering tools in the form of ritualized violence and sex. The baboon males used the same practices for socialization of the dogs as for the females, i.e., they caught the puppies by the tail, smashed them against the ground, and tore them out into the clan territory, while at the same time carried out a “ceremony” of virtual copulation with the dogs. The young dogs were first broken by violence as described in the book of the dialectic of simultaneous development of consciousness and will, where integration of consciousness and will is blocked in man, i.e., the formation of personality, the consequence of violence is in the suppression of personal/individual integrity “I am myself” and this is replaced by the collective integrity of “I am not them”, but this would be inadequate, so the phase of the exclusion of consciousness from the dialectic of personality and the integration of addiction into the development/dialectics of will ensues, destroying the “social integrity” of the dependent individual, which is replaced by the presumptive” mental “virtual integrity,” where a dog so controlled is able to live in the falsity of virtual society and turn its aggression towards its own animal species/other dogs attacking the baboons, with the dependence of dogs on baboons is attained through unearned/repeated / unobstructed access to scrumptious food, which the baboons allow them by their ingeniousness. The book describes all the stages of development of social engineering tools, such as violence and sex, which also correspond to individual types of gender societies and their development represents the humanization of the way of manipulation/control of biological entities. The initial stage is expressed by individual and address-oriented violence associated with immediate achievement of the goal of food, reproduction, protection of territory or resource and so on, the next stage is organized violence in the form of a sacrificial sacrifice that no longer follows the immediate achievement of the goal, but creates an existential pressure on the synchronization of consciousness of a social group to suppress/eliminate individual integrity and reinforce its collective integrity with the group. Institutionalization of power and its concentration not on every individual person but on non-systemic personalities that cause the destruction of natural order is a higher humanized stage of the use of violence in the organization of human society, to finally achieve the stage of strict nonviolence as a way of creating the conditions for individual personality growth of each individual as a precondition for the experiencing individual happiness. Sex at the level of a biological entity is a mode of reproduction of an animal species, but at a higher stage of humanization it is a social engineering tool and serves to imitate co-belonging to a social group where at the level of a biological entity without consciousness it is a means of participation in “eternity” or species unity, therefore its ritualized form of imitation of copulation for virtual members/dogs means a symbol of belonging to the group of baboons, and within the gender development phase of human society this exists in the form of organized/non-spontaneous/ritual sexual practices. In the next stage, ritual sex is replaced by sacred/non-promiscuous sex in order to maintain the bloodline, and the highest stage of sex is its release from the biological nature and is replaced by absolute impersonal social connectivity in the form of sacrificial and unconditional love. The purposeful function of all the human societies from the beginning of age is the protection of a fertile woman. Therefore, the central point of the study of the whole book is in the complexity, logic, and inner coherence of the interpretation of the origin and the evolution of human civilization through the action of women as a gender strategy of asserting the femininity in society.

The “Theory of Truth” was originally originating as a subjective reflection of the being, where its highest added value are the diagrams I have prepared as their author so that the reader can approach the holistic viewing of the world as I see it in a visual and standardized way. It was then an exciting finding that this holistic view allows logically to explain at the same time the “historical events” or the origin of humanity, as it is understood by certain privileged social strata – the Freemasons who most influenced the direction of human civilization in the past 300 years.

Based on the responses of my first readers, who sent me a wide range of scientific experiments and scientifically captured observations of nature and its systems, they allowed me to stepwise prove the individual claims that were made in creating a holistic view of the reality of the world. The dynamics of the book’s own life requires that I, as its author, sum up these suggestions on the book’s website, which will then need to be incorporated into a supplementary edition that should already aspire at being a relevant and conceptual work of anthropology.

The book deals with historical realities whose origin needs to be elucidated, especially for those potential critics who might flatten the content of the book in the historical part as fiction. Above all, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that these are the stories that form the basis of several religions, so it is not possible to clearly determine which reality or person is real or which has the character of a legend serving for world-view purposes, and is therefore the object of belief or rather heroization of the origin that justifies a privileged status against “non-participating” third persons and nations. The fact is that there is a group of privileged people – the Freemasons – who fully accept their “history” of the Egyptian-Judaic origin of Freemasonry. Given the private nature of their institutional history, the historical knowledge of Masonic Lodges can only be examined by non-members from official statements provided through their “accredited” historians. One such historian of the history of Freemasonry is Robert Lomas, from whose work I drew on the origins of the sources of Freemasonry derived from Egyptian tradition. When Robert Lomas came up with his book “Turning the Hiram Key”, he received harsh criticism from dogmatic historians for his misrepresenting the history. As to that criticism, it is worthwhile to present a book review from Robert Lomas’ website that his claims in fact “have no historical validity,” but the book “Turning the Hiram Key should rather be considered an invitation to contemplate.”

Robert Lomas’ work inspired a whole array of authors who devoted themselves to the origins of Freemasonry and one of them was anthropologist, writer, and film producer, Keith Laidler, who inventively resolved the issue of bridging the Egyptian and Judaic traditions on the British Isles and then into the Freemasonry Rite.

Keith Laidler documents the interconnection of the Middle-East tradition through princesses Skotia, the daughter of the Pharaoh at the time of Biblical Moses, and Tamara Tephi, the daughter of the last King of Judah, Sedecia, who was taken to Babylon captivity. What seems conspicuous about his theory is that women are never sent to an unknown environment but to security. Therefore, it is logical to assume implicitly that the Middle East connection that was represented by the Egyptian Empire and the territory of ancient Palestine are beyond any doubt created by friendly relations. Another implicit prerequisite for transferring the mystical and intellectual traditions of the Middle East to the British Isles is the assumption that women of aristocratic origin, or Princesses, traveled with an escort, the members of which were the bearers of mysteries. Given the fact that mystical items (e.g. Jacob’s Stone of Fate) that became part of the crowning ceremonies of the kings in the territory of the British Isles and were brought there by princesses’ escorts to Ireland and Scotland, it is legitimate to consider the intellectual connection to the Egyptian-Judaic tradition to be fully demonstrated.

In addition to the historical figures of princesses mentioned in historical chronicles, for example, in the Book of Leinster, the Irish chronicle of the 12th century, they are also featured in the genealogical family names of Israeli and Irish kings. At the same time, we have to bear in mind the mythology of heroization of the origin of the tribes in the territory of present-day Ireland and Denmark, i.e. the Celts and the Vikings, who were considered descendants of the fifth son of the Old-Testament Jacob/Israel, through the bloodline of his fifth son whose name was Dan and his brother was Joseph, the Vizier of Apophis, the Hyksos Pharaoh of Lower Egypt. According to the myths, there were up to three waves of migration of Dan’s Israelite tribe to Europe, the first one having been before the Exodus to southern Greece, and Spartans were its descendants, and the second one went to Ireland and the British Isles, and the last one through the area of the Black Sea north-west direction, to Denmark.

In his book “Head of God, the Lost Treasure of the Templars” claims that Akhnaton and Mose are one and the same person. Sigmund Freud arrived at an interesting conclusion on the identity of Moses in his analysis of the origin of the circumcision of the Jews, when he claims that circumcision is an older Egyptian tradition introduced in Judaism by Moses, who was therefore, in his view, Egyptian and the Jews were his adoptive nation. Considering the fact that the only monotheistic Egyptian Pharaoh was Akhnaton, so Sigmund Freud considers him to be one and the same person. Keith Laidler reveals an even bigger camouflage on the identity of Abraham and his son Isaac. The main stream of historians dates Abraham (the father of nations) on the basis of the Sumerian charts in the second half of the 3rd millennium BC, and that person came from Sumer. The Egyptian Abraham was originally called Abram (noble father), that is to say this is the opposite “trick” to the one in Moses when one person is presented as two, and on the other hand, with Abraham/Abram, two different persons are taken for one. To understand the dichotomy of Abraham’s identity for two persons who are more than a thousand years separate in time, it appears necessary to remind one of a common practice of heroization of non-noble origin, such as with Romulus and Remus who founded Rome, or with Pipin the Short who was the father of Charles the Great. If we recognize the existence of Biblical Joseph and his lineage in the ascending order to patriarch Abraham, it is logical that his lineages falls into the period of the 18th dynasty of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom. Logically, the Sumerian Abraham must be a person other than Joseph’s ancestor Abraham/Abram. The story that God told Abram to change his name to Abraham is just a camouflage and conceals the sense of changing the name of Abraham’s wife from Sarai to Sarah (the king’s wife) and at the same time concealing the inadequate degree of nobility of Abraham and his wife Sarah to Pharaoh Thutmose III whose name is written in Hebrew as dwd and reads David. The same time camouflage was used for the birth of Isaac, where Sarah is said in the Old testament to have given birth at the age of 90 (for example, today the oldest mother in the world is Omkari Panwar from India, who in June 2008, at the age of 70, gave birth to twins – a girl and a boy, through caesarean section), the purpose of which was to hide or postpone from the uninitiated ones the coverage of the period of the conception of Isaac and the bigamic bond between Sarah/Sarai and the pharaoh Thutmose III. The purpose of and name confusion in both Biblical patriarchs – Moses/Akhnaton and Abraham/abram is to conceal the essence of the mystery of the Jewish tribes before the “pagans,” and at the same time synthesize the tradition of Sumer and Egypt, the only bearers of which are the elected Jews. The book “The Theory of Truth” draws historical facts, persons, and facts, beginning with the Egyptian Abraham/Abram from the books by Keith Laidler and Robert Lomas.

From the point of view of the content and message of the book, it is irrelevant whether there has been a link between Middle Eastern traditions exactly as it is presented by the Masonic tradition, but the fact is relevant that Egyptian roots and their transfer to the British Isles were believed by many important personalities of world history such as Isaac Newton, Alexander Fleming, Winston Churchill, and their conviction has so far had significant implications for the formation of our modern human civilization. This “alternative history” attempts logically to include, based on the inductive-deductive method, in the human knowledge of facts that materially exist, but paradigmatic historiography ignores them, so they become historical theories that bring inspiration to thinking and improving humanity.

To describe the persons and facts from the period before Abraham, I use the information basis almost exclusively from the works of Zecharia Sitchin, who translated the original Sumerian clay tablets written in cuneiform script in the Akkadian language, and his work points to the more ancient origins of the Biblical texts of the Old Testament, and he traces this tradition to Sumer. The main sources are clay tablets whose texts depict the emergence of Earth and the universe, the creation of man, and the story of the chosen/experimental lineage from Adam through seven generations to Noah, and from Noah over seven generations to Sumerian Abraham.

Zacharia Sitchin is reproached for modification in the form of “modernization” of the translation of those texts, which attributes to each of the events and acts modern technological meanings, which are, of course, different from the “steady” meanings that paradigmatic historiography assigns to them.

Furthermore, he is reproached for his interpretation of the astronomical origin of the Earth, where he claims on the basis of translations that life on Earth was sown in the collision of the original Earth with the satellite of the 12th planet. Recent research has confirmed that the Earth’s moon is of the same composition as the Earth, and most likely, it was formed by splitting about 1.2 percent of Earth’s matter after the collision of another cosmic body. At the same time, the gravitational fluctuations or anomalies of the known solar planets presuppose the existence of an unknown cosmic object circling an eccentric path around our Sun.

In the case of French realities, I drew from the work of Pierre Chaun, a professor of history at the University of Sorbonne and an expert in the social and religious history of France and Hispanic America. Finally, Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, “The Sion Revelation,” were the last sources of historical realities, who, on the basis of investigations, especially in the French archives, revealed the origin of the Priority of Sion as a confusing footprint created by the secret service of Vichy France. An important source of inspiration in the context of the teachings of the greatest mystics of human history was the book “Great Insiders” by Eduard Schüré, a French philosopher, writer, and lawyer.

In the early texts of the Jewish people, it is reported that “the the tribe of  Dan had ships and dealt in trade,” so before the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt (the second half of the 14th century BC), it is expanding in the eastern Mediterranean and they are know well the waters surrounding the British Isles.

German historian Karl W. L. Müller In his “Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum”, remarked that “Hecateus of Miletus (Greek historian, 4th century BC) tells us that the Egyptians, previously disturbed by the disasters that divine wrath could be turned away, drove out all the aliens gathered in Egypt. Some of them under their leaders, Danuss and Cadmus, went to Greece, others to other regions, mostly to the land of Canaan. “The Jewish historian Josephus points out that Lacedemonian (Greeks – Spartans) were actually Israelites.

John C. Gawler, a freemason, writer and soldier in his book, “Dan, Israeli Pioneer,” says that “the Danites ruled for about two centuries in the vicinity of the citz of Joppa (around Tel Aviv today) until the arrival of the Militans, l. that took place 1,000 years B.C.” So the date of the arrival of the first Dan colony to Israel had taken place about 1,200 years B.C.and then their departure to Ireland via Iberia, meaning New Israel, it is the territory of today’s Spain, took place around the 10th century BC. This Danites emigrant wave  that went to Ireland and was called “Tuatha de Danaan” (Dan’ s Tribe), which is mentioned in the Irish Chronicles.

In ancient Palestine, the inland Danites also lived between the Hebron Mountains and the Jordan River, but at the time of the Assyrian invasion of northern Israel at the invitation of the King of Judah in 722 BC. l., began migrating north to the Black Sea region. In the Black Sea region, it is interesting that the Danites having retained the tradition of naming the names of their cities after Dan, their father, renamed the Black Sea estuaries called Ister, Tyras, Borysthenes, and Tanais, to the Danube, Dnestr and Don (Collier’s Encyclopedia ). In Hebrew, there are no vowels, so the name Dan is written in the DN, so words like Dan, Din, Don, Dun, Den or Dn correspond to the ame of the tribe of Dan. Denmark, the name of the country in northern Europe, literally means “the Dan’s emblem”. Obviously, this is a remnant of the population of the migrating Israeli Dan tribe who traveled northwest of the Black Sea. Today’s Danes say they descended from “Dana the Great,” meaning “Dan Israel” (Saxonis Grammatici Historia Danica, Volume 1).

An important inspirational source of the book, “The Theory of Truth”, though not historical any longer, is represented by the Egyptian myths, which I try to interpret as a writer in a modern “purposeful” sociological way. In the case of the pre-Dynasty period, when “gods and demigods” ruled Egypt, Sumerian clay tablets and the Egyptian royal myth have to be taken as a historical source, which say another story, are considered to be the sociological and didactic aid of formatting the consciousness of the Egyptian population. Information about the Egyptian pantheon can be gained from inspiration from many sources.

In my book, I use the Egyptian royal myth for the interpretation of the understanding of the typology of women, the motivation of people in social relations and the achievement of their personal goals. It was extremely inspiring for me to find out that the Egyptians, 5,500 years ago in their royal myth, warned humanity against individuals who are not capable of managing public resources due to their lack of social connectivity, ability to bear responsibility to the neighbor, or apply lies as a working method or suffer from deficiencies in their mental capabilities which they replace by intrigue and betrayal of people who are willing to project their confidence into their competence.

Kliknite na úkážku knihy a prečítajte si niekoľko strán

Adam Sterling

Ambassador of the USA to Slovakia

Your Excellency,

I hereby approach you and the Government of the USA with a request and hope that the worldwide controversy over the questions I raise in my book “Theory of Truth” will help to promote the concept of human fellowship and of the unified global nation, because in the sense of my book, this is possible – see www.theorytruth.com for details. Even if that option fails to succeed in the long term, in the short term, over the next twenty years, the world will have to still deal with a possible breakup of China or the displacement of the United States on the periphery of the world events of an uncertain future for the state of Israel, the solution still being in the concept of the global nation. The concomitant phenomenon of the China-US collision will be disappearance of transformation of the energy sector into a technologically one with a dramatic revaluation of the capitalization of the economies of the Western civilization, which will drastically change the price mechanism with all the consequences for the world’s wealth and thus the standard of living in the most advanced economies of the world. Another unavoidable phenomenon is that the socio-political climate in Europe shows strong signs of similarity to the climate on the eve of the Great French Revolution, the consequences of which none of the Europeans really want to experience, but which are necessary unless they can be avoided. I am addressing this open letter, including the extract from my book in the Appendix to this letter, to all of your colleagues from the European Union, based in Slovakia, China, Russia, India, Ukraine and Israel, and will, of course, be provided to the world media.

In Bratislava, dated 15 October 2018

Ľubor Navračič


Supplement: Application of the “Theory of Truth” to global politics

The Slovak proverb says, “I am judging you by myself,” therefore the fools want to include US President Donald Trump among themselves. If Trump did not ordain the world according to Donald, it would be the world according to Barack. And what would the world by Barack be like? As stated in my book, the integrity of human society in the upward direction is based on straddle transfer of genes across generations, and in the lateral direction it is based on the privatization of man, bloodline, and economic resources on the part of the woman, creating thus the society of primeval woman. Consequently, these relationships are developed on the basis of the social accumulation of resources caused by the development of agriculture, creating a society of improbus woman. This develops into the society of a fertile woman thanks to the private accumulation of resources from foreign trade, which completes the development of today’s civilization. Most likely, Barack Obama also knew that the future accumulation of resources would be taking place in Eurasia and that corresponds to the project of the Global Economic Motorway, euphemistically called the “Silk Road”. But the problem with the US is that they were, are and will be an island, so future value-creating and accumulation develop outside the US and their domination at sea will only be “wasted resources” from the perspective of the future. The world, according to Barack is based on ideology, but the project of linking the European Union and China is purely economic, therefore Barack’s approach from the part of China has been rejected. The naivety of the concept of the ideological division of the world in the economic sphere is unrealistic because it is an attempt to combine two incongruous things as if Barack wanted to put on a ragged coat on the body/skin where the rag cannot stand the dynamics of the biological body/economy. In addition, the ideology of Barack’s world is not even inherently consistent, because, as detailed in the book, it links the Californian scientific atheism (neo-communism), the Texan Old-German Gnosticism (presented in the book preview at www.theorytruth.com), and New York globalization, i.e. the uncontrolled transnational egoism of super predators. In the book, the state of mind is analyzed when the consciousness moves in a virtual reality/state without verification of the conformity between the reality and the statement, and this produces psychological disturbances, and in the social sphere it allows the activity of individuals such as beasts and swine (these are not pejorative expressions but a kind of technical term as defined in the book). They are recognizable by how police investigators recognize the liars, by them all repeating the same things without their personal input in the description of reality. Ideology in conjunction with the economy is ineffective, like a rag coat sewn to the skin is full of sweat, it stinks, rots, and tears to pieces as the body keeps moving and growing, whether due to activity, obesity, or muscle growth.  Barack’s policy reflected the geographical conditions by ideological blockages of Iran/Persia, Russia and Ukraine, because the journey between China and the European Union is divided in one of its parts into the Barents Sea, Russia, the Caspian Sea, Iran, and the Arabian Sea, and in the second part it is blocked by Scandinavia with the Baltic Sea(1) and Poland(2), Ukraine, and the Black Sea. The sign that ideology is inefficient in the economy is entering into the nuclear “Barack” treaty with Iran. It is, on the one hand, a manifestation of goodwill towards China, but for logical reasons it has gone to the brink on the other. It is precisely the position of Persia that inspired Cyrus the Great to launch the first civilization revolution in the 6th century B. C. (discussed in the book); this was the flaw/weakness of the USA, and considering the rational response of Russia to the US power pressure, it then implied enormous pressure on Ukraine, which was similar to putting a bottle of Champaign on a cooker. Fortunately enough, human civilization disposes with its existing self-regulatory mechanisms that correct human stupidity, at it is at such moments in time when the world according to Donald is starting to emerge. President Donald Trump’s economic policy could be characterized as capital mercantilism, the essence of which is to block the processes of internal capital formation in the economy of undesirable competitors. For the sake of clarification, it is necessary to dig deep into the history of economic theory, where it is necessary to explain at first how the price is created in the closed economy. David Ricardo has developed the theory of value and proved that in an economy, price formation ultimately stabilizes all the sectors at the same rate of profit, which includes the remuneration for all the sources of the producer, including those that do not acquire it from commodity-money relations, but activate them from their environment and for the economy they have the character of “newcomers”. For example, raw materials owned by a producer, other commodities, annually economically “newly emerged” is agricultural production and, of course, the most important thing is human work together with knowledge or/or technology. Consequently, classical mercantilism asserts that in the economy the final volume of currency is used to cover transactions between producers and consumers. Since no producer has an undue profit concentration, then the accumulation of currency in the economy means also the growth of economic activity associated with the growth of wealth. Another, in Western economics lesser known theory, is the concept of “comparative advantages of foreign trade”, which in the former Eastern European Communist countries found the theoretical justification for the dumped export prices of the goods produced in these socialist economies, because the foreign exchange thus obtained allowed the import of deficient goods. Subsequently, scarce goods allow the full range of domestic goods to be developed, and then include an average profit rate that capitalizes the entire economy, which at the same time compensates for the loss of export earnings at undervalued prices. All three of these theoretical bases are underlying constructs for my “qualitative money theory,” the analogy of which I use in the structure of my book, on the contribution of foreign trade to the growth of human civilization. So the effect of foreign trade on the wealth growth on imports means completing the supply of goods and thereby increasing the added value in the economy at the level of average profitability from the full structure of the goods, i.e. from a larger underlying basis, and export provides additional capitalization in the form of a revaluation of the “newly discovered” goods, which are no longer valued solely on the basis of the average profit rate in the national economy, but also on the basis of the value-creation process into which the exported goods engage in the most advanced import economy into which the goods are exported. Then the starting point of classical mercantilism, that money is important in its function of circulation, has proven to be wrong, but the function of money as a preserver of value, which is the definition of capital, is the “holy grail” of the economic policy of the State or the source of the growth of wealth.

All those who will say that Donald Trump knows next to nothing about the theoretical fundamentals of foreign trade are right. Because I have not published my work as yet, and no one has ever seen foreign trade from this perspective, then also the critics of the US President know nothing about it. Unlike them, Donald Trump personally met Ivan Boesky, and he certainly saw at least once Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” movie, where Gordon Gekko attacked the Bluestar sub-capitalized airliner. Donald Tramp certainly knows what the intrinsic value of the shares means, the capitalization of the company and the fundamental analysis of the company, which in turn is the microeconomic justification of capitalization through foreign trade at the macroeconomic level. Based on his experience, he has assessed that China is “a company suitable for takeover”. In the event that Donald Trump would not have made this internal decision and the world would continue according to Barack, even during his life, in about twenty years ahead from now, the US would become an island, and Moscow would replace New York as the World Finance Center, and Vienna would replace London. For Trump’s personality trait, it is unacceptable to be a Donald “from the back of beyond” and not from New York/the navel of the world. It was amazing to see Donald Trump in the United Nations, where, despite the mournfulness of the unconscious, he danced his walk through the vestibule” as his Majesty’s flagship in the harbor. He in fact knew what the others did not know; namely, that another Slovak proverb holds: “The lash whips at its end”. The instinct of the predator commands one to prepare for a pre-leap position, and it is necessary to respect the conditions because Barack Obama, as a “severance”, has left behind sanctions against Russia and the crisis in Ukraine. That is why Donald Trump did not have to uncover his intentions and fight the “fools” of the Barack world, and he put an even stronger pressure on Russia. Therefore, he cannot negotiate with the Russians about the “trading” share, which could also split the risk, but he has to create “trade” by buying services from the Russians. Barack Obama has damaged the United States in two ways, but this is logical, because his world is virtual and is based on ideology (see the book for details). He displaced the creative Russians, and they, in turn, began to organize their State on the basis of the lowest costs, by rendering support to the Orthodox Church and the family, by giving hope and satisfaction to the people (the issue of inner tensions is addressed in the book). The feeling of eliminating the existential tension is resolved by “miraculous weapons” that disable has any chance of the US winning in any military campaign in the world. What is worse is that, through sanctions, the Russians can capitalize their economy by activating “newly discovered sources”, such as by developing agriculture and diversifying gas pipeline connections to all the relevant economic centers, especially the European Union, while relieving pressure on Iran. Thanks to the “cards” given by Barack Obama when marginalizing Russia, the US will have to accept the price of Russia for its services only if the offer were in resolving the problem of Ukraine. The essence of China’s “take-over game” is that it can cut off goods flows to the most advanced markets to decapitalize China. This was largely successful in the first phase of Chinese export sales to the US, as reciprocal Chinese tariffs further distort value-creating/product flows in the Chinese business sphere, but the effect on the US is tolerable. Capitalization of the US economy is based on services, mainly due to the US dollar reserve and settlement function and the intellectual property trade mainly associated with the software. In the second phase, which is “hypothetical,” it is most likely to address the issue of human rights, the protection of intellectual property, and companies that support/trade in Chinese goods will be sanctioned. The decline in export earnings will cause a debt crisis for Chinese companies, which will lead to the binding of public funds to maintain the financial stability of microeconomics, there will be a drop in investment by both domestic public investment funds, as resources will be debt-related and then foreign, as the earnings from the and the EU will be significantly reduced, and new investments will not be needed and domestic consumption will already be served by the existing production capacities. Therefore, foreign investors will repatriate dividends in order to minimize their losses. As the first, home entrepreneurs would want to save themselves by trying to move their production to “safer and cheaper” destinations, thereby completing the conditions for repeating the scenario of a similar end to the Soviet Union. It is good for the US to moderate trade between the EU and China, which can only be achieved by keeping both of the Eurasian economic centers in a weak state of “chronic disease”, which can be achieved in China by decapitalizing its economy, and in the case of the EU by the exchange of “ideological” Western European leaders co-opted by Barak Obama for the nation-oriented, but “grounded” (based on a disparaging example of the impacts of Brexit without agreement). These are readily recognizable as they repeat one and the same opinion as if they were hypnotized or unlawful, and someone had written for them in advance what to say. As a result, the US can proceed in Europe according to the Roman: “Divide and Rule”. The philosophical base of elite exchange, which is completely natural to Donald Trump, is based on the best American business tradition to give the customer what he expects to have. The customer certainly does not expect that when he invests his electoral vote, which is actually his personal social capital, there will be no response from today’s elites, so he will get a sense of deception and robbery, which is the nature of the crime of fraud. The practical performance of “nationalization” and the exchange of European elites for the world by Donald Trump is carried out by in Europe by his former advisor, Steve Bannon. Before anybody starts to “demonize” nationalism, he should read my book and understand the difference between the nation in the sense of the ethnicity that arose in the 19th century and the nation in terms of status, which allows, based on the principle of the last instance, where the individual can still at least mitigate the negative effects of social forces on his/her existential tension. At the same time, this explains the emergence and extinction of all the human civilizations, but at the same time this mechanism allows for the future, maybe 100 years, to understand the creation of a single global nation on the Earth. The charm of Donald’s world is that it creates a space for its New Yorkers/super predators/globalists that is totally natural and would guide their work for humanity in a positive direction. Of course, this will not suit the type of globalists who, in the spirit of conspiracy theories, have the ambition of controlling their national States according to their own volition, and at the same time being inviolable, what is the position “alone against the world”, whose ultimate solution is the nuclear apocalypse. On the contrary, by creating the prerequisites for a global nation based on rational behavior under the rules of the capital markets, where they are the strongest “New Yorkers”, the US will maintain itself as the main “moral” governing body of the world. This ambition will mean a loss of the US dollar settlement curve, but the US will oversee the fact that actors in the creation of a new clearing system outside the US dominance will accept a common control procedure. The following facts are hypothetical; in the matter of an international autonomous settlement system, the US will advocate that, for example, countries connected to terrorism or unfair commercial practices cannot benefit from foreign trade with the developed countries, but the most important condition will be to achieve full currency convertibility, but without adopting a system of protection against unjustified attacks by private funds the international community will not be willing to accept. At the same time, the US will not allow settlement systems to be created outside of their influence without meeting this condition. A compromise may be in the protection for those economies and States that demonstrate the purely economic nature of the financial transfers that are being transferred, otherwise they will have to undertake capital markets oversight over the rational economic policies of their governments. If they get the internal economy into imbalances, they will be “punished” by the strong economic and social impacts of monetary attacks, leading to the rationalization of the world community and the promotion of “values” of the efficiency and protection of the planet’s resources. If the status quo remained that of Barack Obama, where free Iran would trigger the then uncontrollable economic forces that would result in the escalation of the Eurasian arteries, in particular the Russian rail corridor – the Trans-Siberian Highway and the shipping over Russian territorial waters in the Northern Arctic Ocean. Then, in order to make China not dependent on Russia alone, and at the same time it could have avoided the US Maritime Corps, it would certainly seek to build and dominate the infrastructure through Central Asia, ideally the route through Afghanistan and Iran, continuing with alternative routes through Turkey or Iraq and Syria. At the same time, Russia, to be independent from China, would certainly support the Indian railway corridor Bombay, Karachi, Tehran, Baku to Volgograd, where it would be linked to the Trans-Siberian Highway and the extremely interesting Bombay, Karachi, Tehran, Yerevan, Sochi and the Kerch Bridge with a highway network linking Europe to India and Europe for foreign trade for small and medium-sized enterprises with a dramatic capitalization of all the participating economies and for Russia, with the opening of the billion-dollar logistics and financial services sector.

The problem of China’s “takeover” is a non-trivial one, because if the world interconnects and will try to abolish the position of the dollar as a settlement currency by supporting alternative clearing systems, central banks outside the EU will begin converting dollar reserves into other assets. At the same time, these governments will start financing their public debts in their respective national currencies. For the United States, achieving targets will be challenging, with all of them in the long term beginning to secretly working on the US decapitalization, which will result in a de-ideologization of US policy, resulting in rationalization of the world order. Furthermore, the exertion of pressure on China will lead, given the fact that it is not completely open and has had a larger scope of measures of asymmetric nature, to its orientation towards the EU middle-sized enterprises that are unrelated to the US. China will have to focus on serving the client in smaller volumes, shorter delivery times, and higher quality deliveries, so it will have to reorient itself to Russian corridors, such as the Trans-Siberian Highway with a translation in Petersburg on container ships to Hamburg and Rotterdam or to sea transport in the North Ice Ocean in the mare of Russia. China will certainly find “correct accounting operations” to maintain its business sphere in a relatively “good shape”, for example, it will take over the domestic corporate debt, extend maturity, and devalue the yuan to ease domestic debt service payments from low domestic sales. However, foreign firms will not be able to repatriate the devalued Yuan, so they either go to the barter, de facto export from China on their behalf, or choose to sell their production capacities in China, and China can compensate for its losses. In addition to solving its economic problems, geostrategic problems will also need to be addressed. In Iran, it must ensure that the economy is not collapsing and destabilizing the State in a similar regime to Syria, which would mean a long-term and protracted war-humanitarian conflict throughout Asia with global implications. In Ukraine, on the contrary, there is an open war or dictatorship. Ukrainian central government does not trust international financial institutions because it cannot transparently declare the use of resources, so Ukraine is “spreading” money only on the basis of ideology, and hence it is cheaper to activate the nationalist circles in the west of Ukraine that have problems with Jews, Poles, but especially with the Russians. That is why China, in order to make the response from its side the cheapest and most effective, should support the standard of living of Ukrainians. If the Chinese have “bought” the industry or joint venture with the Ukrainian oligarchs, they have been interested in implementing at least a twenty-year “silk plan” on the development of rail, road, water and air infrastructure, oil/gas/electricity pipelines. Only they have the power to push through the democratic elections of candidates who will be able to tackle the Ukrainian crisis in a peaceful way, and which should result in the simultaneous elimination of the power positions of today’s line of political leaders as well as those emerging from Western Ukraine. The new garniture could bring a room for federalism to the tried-and-tested Ukraine where the central government would have exclusive competence in finance and economics, at the same time foreign policy oriented towards the European Union and ultimately security and justice. On the contrary, everything else, including the limitation of the sovereignty of federalized Ukraine, would be subject to the right of veto of each of its federal states. In the science sphere, China should focus on reducing its oil dependence, as its price rises are the most squeezing of capital from the economy; there would be China’s immediate solution to importing mainly Iranian crude oil for long-term stable prices. Relief, with a special impact on Earth’s climate rescue, would mean the cesium reactor would be operational. Then the price of oil could not depend on transport, that is, from the wealth flowing from global foreign trade, but only from its use in the value-producing processes in which it is being processed.(3) Despite the fact that the world governed by capitalization of the economy is cruel because anything, though from good moves, if it is inefficient, it will have harsh consequences for any country that is not closed as North Korea or Saudi Arabia, and will want to participate in the “pleasures” of the global prosperity, freedom, and personal happiness. For the US, as the most capitalized economy, it will mean that they will still be the most important actor in the world that will determine values and standards, but at the same time, as everyone will know the rules, if the US is just trying to act on a fake/ideology, all the capital or the ultimate solution that the whole planet must hope for, will not happen. Conversely, if the US proceeds on the basis of truth, and given the advancement in space technologies, which “launches” space foreign trade, it will almost completely dominate the capitalization on the Earth. Reasonable people say that “there is good in every evil,” so it is necessary to look at the sanctions against Russia optimistically and to use the “covenants” that they face against competitive pressure and start using the domestic resources in the Russian economy, to invite “creative colonists, “such as the South African Buri or the Italians, who bring new procedures, kinds of goods, employ the Russian population who can use the acquired experience for their own business, but the colonists will also bring the export background. Russians can start creating incubators without the competition for the technology they have from their space and military research, which opens them with other export potential, and the like.

Apart from the economy, the Russians will have to solve their long-standing political problem in the succession process, which is also discussed in the book. In the first place, they should define the values for which it is worth “to die” and which should be part of patriotic education, while at the same time they should be the criterion of selecting suitable successors and then their goal in their application policy practice, for example, “Truth, Justice, and Love.” The book deals with parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy, but these constitutional arrangements are inappropriate for the powers where the leadership system must work, for which a presidential or a mixed system is more suitable. The formal aspect of the succession process can be inspiring in France, the US, and the Vatican. As stated in the book, it is first necessary to exclude persons from among the persons aspiring at winning their absolute authority who would certainly fail to perform their duties due to lack of loyalty to the throne/tribe/nation, and this provided a bloodline that was “blessed” by the second pillar of power – the Church, which became the successor line untouchable for usurpers. Modern society has replaced the bloodline/first pillar with the system of absolute authority and highest authority of public resource management, and the two power centers have their own brakes and levers, while the second pillar of power has been replaced by the ad hoc authority, the will of the people in the elections. It is not appropriate to divide the positions of the highest authority and the resource manager, so another principle of eliminating the offenders from the competition has to be put in place because their entry into the presidential function would mean the total destruction of such a society. The US presidential system is the analogy of the Roman Emperor and the inappropriate/disloyal candidates exclude the primary election system, during which the “lower stream” of the American politics will only let the loyal candidates pass through in the nomination for one of two political parties, and they are “washed in the dirt” so much that they have no longer a chance of underestimating the prestige of the US Presidential Office when they are nominated for election. The mixed presidential system in France is analogous to the Egyptian pharaoh or Chinese emperor, and more suited to the concept of the natural society as described in the book, but the selection of suitable candidates is non-transparent, totally subordinate to the “undercurrent of power”. For example, the last two French presidents were elected in a way that the main candidates who showed signs of authority were discredited with services and engagement of journalism because it is said that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was accused of sexual harassment by a hotel room maid who turned out to be an agent of secret services, and Francois Fillon was again accused of favoring his family, with his wife having regularly been performing her husband’s job, but she should have been doing so for free. Instead, Francois Mitterrand ordered his own assassination, and ordered the murder of the assassin, who, when he found out what was going on, went to give his testimony at the police, but the police, along with engaged journalism, “cleaned” the demo of Mitterrand’s character into the background. The “bottom stream” of French top politics has to be found in the circles and services that have been engaged in the Vichy France, as Francois Mitterrand worked at the secret service where the legend about the “Priority of Zionism” was being prepared, and his work can be learned from the sources that deal with the “Holy Grail” project, which is also mentioned in the book. The most stable of the past 2000 years is the system of the highest authority of the Catholic Church – the Pope in the Vatican. Its stability lies in the fact that it does not make it possible for the Pontifical Church to reach the candidates who do not go through the long-term test/life of unity of spiritual and physical devotion to the Church, and yet it is not enough, because they still have to be named the leading/basic/supportive/cardinal, the pope himself. Then, this group of electors of the new pope among themselves, the cardinals, no longer needs a “bottom stream” of control to get a person disloyal to the Church to the position of supreme authority, but can keep all its candidates transparently in public control. Lessons for Russia: it would be a shame to miss the chance of their de-idealized society not to try to create a perfect State based on transparency and natural order. The Russians are certainly creative, but for example, political parties that get at least 10% of the votes in the election could each year receive every 10% (the parties could also make coalitions to avoid a mandate) the honorable position of “Cardinal Russian” by the president in office, and in addition to political parties, every area would try to find a suitable candidate, because even if he has no chance to become President of Russia, but someone in their neighborhood can go to “Moscow Conclave” and become part of history. Of course, Russia is a super power, so that “cardinals of Russia” would, in addition to public scrutiny, be under the aegis of secret service, and it would be almost impossible to influence the long-term moral living patriot in choosing an inappropriate candidate for a political party or a coalition of parties because primaries would have to concentrate “at the conclave” of at least one hundred voters/cardinal Russians and a primate in the form of a conclave (a closed election without contact with the outside world, of course, especially party officials) would become candidates for general popular elections. In the book, besides the process of succession, I also refer to the problem of the acceptable life of a common man because of the functioning of a parallel/dark society, an oprichnina, thanks to which it is illusory to reach a fair life for an ordinary Russian in a fair world. To resolve this problem, it is necessary to go back to France, where King Louis XIV, in order to overcome the various rebellions and conspiracies of his nobility, forced them staying in his court in Paris. Similarly, for example, Russia can make an “offshore” area of the Crimea for natural persons to enjoy a 0% income tax, for legal persons income from property and property rights (holding of any assets and royalties) and foreign trade outside the Russian Federation 10% tax and capital charge (interest, stock and commodity exchange including derivatives) for all types of people at 1%, while Russian residents would not have to spend more than 179 nights out of Crimea on the territory of the Russian Federation, otherwise they would have to tax under wider rules to avoid in-depth auditing and possible liability for tax evasion. Such a concentration of “predators” will supervise themselves in their “courts” for a fair arrangement of circumstances, because if misdeeds are taking place, the “wolf” does not take into account the absent ones, and therefore for the Crimea-based oligarchs it will be best to pay attention to the general observance of law, so that in the absence of their assets their property is not the subject of a distribution. On a hypothetical level, the continuation of the US pressure on China and China’s knowledge of the need to de-legitimize the functioning of the State because it is inefficient will lead to a permanent lagging behind the United States and reformed Russia, which could force the Chinese Communist Party to consider following the Russian example of where the immediate by- product will be the organization of Chinese society on the basis of justice and respect for human rights.

Donald Trump’s push to de-ideologize gives the chance to live in the truth, i.e. to get rid of intellectual garbage in the form of gender nihilism, deviant aberrations, and scientific atheism. I have my book read, among others, by two atheists who were proclaiming the priority of science, but after reading it, they unanimously confirmed to me that they did not realize the importance of Christianity in the formatting of the worldview of every human being as a basis for the peaceful coexistence of human civilization, the significance of monotheism and Christian scholasticism for the development of paradigmatic science, and what was particularly pleasing, they no longer insisted on their atheism, but one of them used the notion that he was in fact a “cultural Christian”. The book goes even further in defining the so-called “technological” god for the purposes of formal logic used in the construction of paradigmatic science based on the greatest mystery of the Christianity – of the Trinity of God in terms of IDU, the identity of duality and utility, the facts that make up the reality of being, which is more closely dealt with in the book. The aim is to overcome the rigidity of the concept of scientific atheism that ignores the forces of an intangible nature without which there would be no integrity of material existence. That is why the book extends what is, that is, material being, to the reality of reality. The subsequent step has a logical conclusion in the form of scientific theism or the unity of the revealed/Christian and the learned/paradigmatic truth. One of the most beautiful paradoxes of creating my book at all is the truth or “vision” given by the two power groups that are defined entirely at the bottom of the world, and which drank from the same source of knowledge, but one from the period of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt up to the King Sedekias and the other after returning from Babylonian captivity. Their dominance is linked to the shift of foreign trade from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean as the Jewish bankers from the Republic of Venice having moved to London and established the banking district of the City. In connection with the advent of Jewish bankers, enlightenment and capital come to medieval England, but save for a few State bankruptcies by Philip II, the King of Spain(4), most likely, the bankers would not “cut” their best customer – the Spanish Crown, “the empire where the Sun does not set”. Simply, when the bankers decided to teach the power of the world that “it is worthy to pay”, with no point of return any longer, and this knowledge of Philip II broke down when he understood why he had lost a naval battle in 1588 with England, which began the gradual retreat of Spain from its previous world domination, and the knowledge was that it would not be possible to do politics on debt and on the basis of ideology without the provision of capital coverage.

Finally, bankers moved to the US, which after the World War II raised to the position of hegemony instead of England, and, of course, American elites have taken over from British loyalty to the Jews and patronage over the State of Israel, but at the same time bankers were protecting the US to prevent the US from losing the hegemony of the world. Barack Obama’s signature of a “Nuclear Treaty” with Iran probably did not even know what he was doing for the US, having exposed his country to the threat of going to the periphery of the world, and thereby endangering Israel’s security. That is why, among the American political elites, Donald Trump has withdrawn from it, as it is generally known to be supported by the American Jewish community. All that “sham” against President Donald Trump from the Democrats is the “bleating” of the wretched sheep (a technical term as defined in the book, not a pejorative expression) that cannot explain what is going on, and, on the contrary, when the pressure on living a life in lies has ceased, and people got to choose a natural leader/alpha male, so of course they gave him his vote. Because of his nature, Donald Trump is a “hardware fuse” to prevent the US from slipping into a zone from where there is no return, and its truthfulness is given by its naturalness. That’s why Donald Trump is part of the auto-correction mechanism of redirecting our human civilization and it’s up to people to use a narrow window to improve our prospects for the future. His naturalness and the resulting authenticity/truthfulness is invincible, because “mystery is the strongest weapon of the mighty, but the truth is the strongest weapon of the weak”!


(1) It is mentioned in the book with regard to ideological, geographical, and economic barriers.

(2) Ideological antagonism with Russia is given by the fact that the Poles were the only ones in history who captured Moscow regularly, besides being the Tatars conquered it by betrayal, and then they settled in the Crimea, where Stalin moved them from the Crimean “Rocks” to the oil fields – “the paradox of history”, then the tsar Alexander I surrendered  Moscow to Napoleon without a fight.

(3) “The “Cesium Reactor” is used as a term for the experimental extraction of energy from isotopes of elements, and in the 1930s trials with the cesium isotopes were being made. I know that there is already a heat source that changes the nickel isotope 59 to the nickel isotope 64, its procurement costs are half the heat pump and are operating at around 250 euros for 2 years. A similar heat source can be used to generate steam for high-pressure turbines of any power, the fastest possible in shipping and operating costs would be about 500 thousand euros for 2 years where the re-engineering of motorization could run at the 5-year horizon and would save about 8% of oil consumption a year with significant healing climatic impact on Earth. Among other things, it would be possible to use it in marketing and to guarantee an ecological transport to demand a mark-up in the amount of tariff barriers; for 10 years it is possible to install isotope reactors with low-power electric turbines in the towns on the roofs of their homes to jointly solve the network fluctuations associated with the peak, the self-sufficiency of homes in electricity, from the waste heat heating the flats and the supply to the network will allow self-government to save on electricity for lighting and communal consumption, for which the communal consumption will be free to maintain a control panel and interconnection nodes; the result would be immediate closure of all coal and mazut power plants. Rail transport is also solvable over the 10-year horizon, as the locomotive could be a mobile turbine and individual wagons would be fitted with small electric motors. In aviation, the question of when this will happen will be the time when the “non-military” technology becomes the nuclear propulsion of Russian “miracles” and finally, within 20 years of managing the efficiency of photon conversion efficiency in the isotope reactor directly to the electric current, road vehicles could become “eternal electric self-propulsion” ones. So Western civilization is being challenged on how to set up social and health systems after a drop in excise taxes on hydrocarbon fuels as well as pension systems and capital market stability, when energy companies have to change to technology, and acceleration of this process can lead to considerable destabilization of our civilization.

(4) With Philip II of Spain (1527-1598) the golden age of the Spanish Crown is connected and, for example, the Philippines are named in his honor. As a king of Spain, he was extremely cultivated, he supported science and art, but his whole policy was ideologically aimed at promoting Catholicism. In his court, all the ways, as described in the Book of Power/Volunteer Gnosticism, were intertwined, primarily mediated by the Apostle James, who canonized Spain and belonged with his brother John and Peter to the narrowest gnostic circle of Jesus Christ, the Babylonian Jews who have settled in Spain within the diaspora after the destruction of the 2nd Solomon’s Temple by the Romans in the year 70 A. D., but there were also Gnostics presenting their “seeing” from the daughter of Moses and later from the daughter of Sedecia, especially in the northwest of Spain. During the period of Philippi’s rule, Rudolph II of the Habsburg (1552-1612) lived in his court for seven years, who, as the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the Nation of Germany, called within his policy of religious tolerance all alchemists and occultists who were not in the court of Philip II religiously conformed to Catholicism in Prague. Subsequently, the Habsburgs, in the course of the counter-reformation during the Thirty Years’ War from Prague, pushed the occultists mostly to Sweden, but about a fifth of them left for Switzerland. To make it easier to grasp the currents of power at the beginning of modern history in Europe, it is appropriate to introduce the term “goy” as used in the Bible by God in an interview with Abraham, where God denotes this person as a person of the future Jewish nation, i.e., the mental man and ethnic genius. Then the power groups ranked according to the age in which they began to be formed are the paragons who wandered through the pilgrimage of the daughter of Moses Scotia and Sedekias daughter Tamar Tefi through northwest Spain, Ireland, Scotland and further spread by the Celts and Vikings through the dispossessed King James II they reached France and the US, while the territory where Christian Protestantism in Europe is ultimately in place corresponds to the territories with a derived, i.e. the non-original propagation of “seeing” the Celts and Vikings. By Cyros II the released Jews from the Babylonian captivity is strictly limited to the Samaritans/Jews who remained in the territory of the former Palestine, and came with a strict interpretation of the written “law of our God” – the Torah. Babylonian Jews, given their privileged position in the Babylonian diaspora, which allows them to live in a learned community, come with an enhanced monotheistic belief, and become a homogeneous elite, without the need for a closer circle of initiates, as opposed to the paragons carrying the ” visions, “the Babylonian Jews are the holders of an integrated “vision and leadership”. Jesus Christ stood strictly on the basis of rabbinical Judaism, despite the fact that some of the authors of heretical texts tried to include him among the Essenes, Jesus by giving the full “leadership” to the ethnic gentile/Christian, in fact, in the sense of the conversation between God and Abraham, he is the “creator” of the Christian nation. The complete “leadership” consists of the knowledge of the Triune God, the role of women in the cultivation of human civilization and the interpretative rules of reality in the demand of strict justice and non-violence. Jesus in his teaching uncompromisingly separates “vision” from “leadership,” where the vision is reserved only to a circle of initiates who are capable of casting responsibility “from vision” and slipping into the trap of superiority to the blind, which is a violation of the principle of justice that is key to finding inner peace, and thus achieving personal happiness. Simultaneous “vision and leadership” requires personal discipline and the highest degree of human personality development, which is described in the book as a simultaneous dialectic of consciousness and will, therefore, for people who are not internally powerful, it must take the form of strict formal rules of “kosher”, which is not a feeling of personal happiness, but similarly to abstinent alcoholic, it mediates full life survival without fatal failure. In view of the attitude of Jesus Christ to Gnosticism and spiritual observation, the Catholic Church also stood firmly against all the Gnostic attempts they tried to enforce in the framework of lay Catholicism, but at the same time the Church did not prevent Christian clerics from dealing with Gnosticism, but this approach led to the last of the power group, they are syncretic goys, who met in the court of Emperor Rudolph II of the Habsburg and eventually ended in Sweden, where they combined with the “second-hand” Gnosticism seen by the former Celts and Vikings, who created the sad concept of agnosticism, i. e., the belief that until God is revealed, we do not know whether he exists or does not exist and only one step more we can  claim that God is the product of the human mind and therefore does not exist. The concept of agnosticism is sad because it mediates man’s life of formal knowledge without God, and that is the “Cain blind branch” of mankind’s development, as it is revealed in the book, in the final syncretic goys no longer have “vision” and “leadership” is confined exclusively to material being. The power of “seeing” is that it also enables biological entities that do not have consciousness, so mediation of the “seeing” of the English elite by Babylonian Jews/Venetian bankers in the form of Freemasonry has ensured the mental synchronization that is important for the volition of human effort as the cheapest/most effective method of peace coordination and subordination, at the same time providing a minimum “educational” level for individuals to entrust their capital so as not to sublimate it for the purpose of funding “ideology” or virtual constructions instead of efficient use of capital to accumulate it. The result was the philosophical direction – English Empiricism, which meant the liberation from “virtual reality of the burdens”, for what is true, then non-ideological, should be considered as an expression of consistency with reality. The Babylonian Jews raised the hosts of the English people who were in the 16th century at the end of civilization as a tool of scientific and industrial revolution with which they were able to dominate the world but also actively protected it. The first step was to break the bonds with Christianity that “served” as protection in the diasporic life, but the attractiveness of the trade opened by the Kingdom of Spain, its inefficiency due to the export/financing of ideology, and the inability to pay its obligations meant an opportunity for the “host” nation to become the master of the world, so naturally it had to come to England’s military crash with Spain, which without capital Spain could not win, just like the former Soviet Union 400 years later. The natural consequence was the ending of the political influence of the Catholic Church, which was associated with the expulsion of the English King James II to exile in Paris, along with the Gnostic tradition of the Scottish rite of Freemasonry, but at the same time to prevent the degeneration of society into the “slender Cain’s evolutionary branch of humanity” represented by life in full knowledge but without God, so the elites were bound by faith in the Great Architect of the universe, discussed in the book. In return for capital, vision, elimination of enemies and domination over the world, the Babylonian Jews were given protection and demonstration of loyalty by the English kings, already at the coronation of the English King sitting on a throne that contains the “fate of fortune” of the biblical Patriarch Jacob/Israel. This is the stone on which he slept when he saw the ladder in heaven, where the tribe of the Israelites/his descendants was carried out by the angels. Among other things, all male members of the royal family undertake a circumcision from the London rabbi and are members of the Great Lodge of England. In order to complete the elimination of the Catholic Church as a real political power, “three powers” joined to “dismantle” the Catholic kingdom in France during the Great French Revolution (1789). The last “blow of grace” of the secular power of the Catholic Church was given by Napoleon in the Battle of Austerlitz (1805), where he defeated the combined Austrian-Russian military forces, and from then on Catholics, charismatic Christians, are defensive and did not participate in any war, terrorism or genocide. On the contrary, after solving the “Christian question”, para goys and syncretic goys turned to Germany and the Jews, allowed Hitler to assume power over the occult background, for which Hitler allowed them to survive World War II in neutrality in Sweden and Vichy France. As I have said in the book, the Egyptian royal myth is leading the people out of trust to get into public resources management, especially from people who are emotional black holes or are affected by status obsessions. Emotional para goyish features are associated with the feeling of being “stolen” by the English throne, they are the holders of the same “vision” of power gnosis as the Babylonian Jews, and are the heirs of an older Jewish tradition. The para goys come from the Middle Egyptian Kingdom, which according to the book is a society of “improbus women,” where the peak of personal growth is duty and suppressed emotionality, mistakenly mixed with the drift stemming from the strict application of the Torah in the traditions and customs of the Babylonian Jews, emotionality replaces discipline and morality, but in para goys it creates emotional inaction towards the neighbor. Synchratic goys suffer from “castration syndrome” because, as agnosis, as well as scientific atheism in their mental equipment, causes incompleteness of knowledge, and because they do not want to be “fools” i.e. not to receive the highest “enlightened” social status, so they have to “shout in the crowd” to make sure they are not alone and someone else does not deny them. Therefore, they require permanent signs of loyalty from all around, and therefore they prefer positive discrimination to individuals who cannot be “normal” because they are an indication to them that the syncretic goys are exceptional and have the highest status, as other/handicapped individuals cannot change their status to higher, which confirms the syncretic goys in their “truth”. It is unnecessary to argue about the senselessness and ignorance of the two groups of power; the fruit of their actions is spoken of by them, in the case of World War II of 65 million dead, and in the case of presidents working between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, who were from Texas or the Democratic Party, everyone in our planet can make an opinion. The way to know goys is relatively simple because they all act in representation and secrecy, but they always have to co-opt “their man” into the institutional structures of official power, being behind all power, and he is in direct connection with the highest inner/the secret of goys in the given territory, therefore, by recognizing people in a relationship with the “official man of power” in two steps, reveals at least 90% of goys in that State, and it is enough to reveal the identity of two-necks-distance individuals around George Bush Sr.., Francois Mitterrand and the Swedish King Charles XVI Gustav. Among other things, it is necessary to learn from the public signs of preparing for the breakup of society, where para goys, who penetrated into the public administration cause its enormous indebtedness and drawing of these resources through artificially created crises/problems and “virtual public needs” on the eve of the Great French Revolution the  public needs of the State were financed up to 78% of the debt, and assisted by the syncretic goys/enlighteners, spreading the ideology of God’s non-existence, proclaiming their own moral superiority as the bearers of progress and suppressing the burdens. A similar situation was in Spain during the reign of Philip II and in the Soviet Union before its collapse, but such a situation was caused by themselves, while the situation in France at the end of the 18th century, in Nazi Germany, and the present US is artificially created. Anyone who ignores the signs of a society’s disintegration should brush off the lessons learned from his or her history or, what is the ultimate goal of trying out goys through a memory of the genocide of about 1.5 million Catholics during the Great French Revolution. A shop window of the “Enlightenment” is illustrated by the fate of Vendée, the most Catholic French province, where French “genocide manager” Jean Carrier was faced with the problem of recruiting people in Vendée who refused to swear at the “civil clergy” because the executions were lengthy and there was also a lack of ” “car carrier developed techniques such as contamination of common arsenic wells, boat trips over the Loire, which was that “he hauled hundreds of Catholics on a ship that had holes in the bottom and those in the middle of the river depopulated, among others, organized “Republican weddings”. When the unclean young boys and girls stripped and tied up and threw them into the Loire River, eventually the historical annals also remembered the quarrels and the appearance of his officers, who had more beautiful trousers sewn or a coat made of the skin of how many more Catholics.

The book “Theory of Truth” (www.theorytruth.com) demonstrably creates a synthesis of both social and natural sciences as these are defined by the biological foundations and the ensuing social-scientific consequences for elementary/primal proto-entities as objects of examination by social sciences, which, at the individual level, is represented by personality/soul, where the family as the basic social group exists on the level of relationship between two personalities. As the personality of a person is hosted/bound to a biological entity/material body, it is necessary to include its elementary characteristics in the social analysis, which, like any organized structure, that is, also a biological entity, is trying to preserve its existence, but at the same time to reproduce in time. It should be clear from the above that there exist two types of bodies; one type is given just the existence/a man and the other type is abound with both of the properties/abilities of existence and reproduction/woman. The chosen approach may be characterized as fundamental genderism, because from the social point of view, nothing else is necessary to define the starting points of the subject matter of examination, and any other entities outside the hardware entities of men and women and of software ones, like personality and family, must be considered deviant/destructive aberrations from the entities actively involved in the creation of human society. The elegance of classifying the mainstream of social sciences into natural sciences is in that all the concepts that are unable to cope with the reality of the material/biological being of man or to define their points of departure, must necessarily be considered as utopic-pathological, and if they are enforced powerfully against the will of third parties through the political agenda, they are ideologically demagogic.

Social sciences are to be divided into three levels as to their scope of research, each of which being determined or made conditional on verification of the proposition, category/judgement on the intangible reality of the human being, into which the human personality is coming as a state of simultaneous and indivisible consciousness, “I am” and “I want”, this being done introspectively to one’s own personality, as well as in relation to another personality, whether homogeneous or universal. The biological body as the host of the personality represents the determinants/criteria for verifying the level of exploration of the social sciences, then follows the material/intellectual level of the qualities/categories of the states of being or of the reality of human society in relation to a specific individual, and finally the relational level representing the level of qualities/categories of the states of being or of the reality of human society in relation to the abstract human/mankind as a biological species. The biologically determined level is always tied to one body, which involves the processes within the development of an individual personality, which represents a simultaneous and indivisible development of consciousness and will, and it is only at this level where the tools of social engineering of anonymous persons in the sense of correcting the motivation of the personality of an individual are effective. Of course, any social correction outside of this area for social engineering purposes is only possible at the relational level of the abstract person, but that means  physical or social elimination of the human individual at the biological level. The second area of the biologically determined level is the relationship to the other personalities, but always only from the one-sided aspect of the person addressed. Although people generally assume that this is often a bilateral relationship, in fact, the other party only represents a response to the unilateral attitude of a particular person, and only the mirror-like unilateral response of the other person, regardless of his/her interest in, for example, the case of love, is a way of social adorning the object of the projection of his/her personality. It is the reciprocity of the way we project our relationship with the individual which represents the basis of organizing human relationships on the basis of equality of human beings, and in this way the coexistence of the targeted personalities/human individuals is organized in a non-conflictual/peaceful way. Conversely, if there is no impersonal reciprocity of particular people, then there is no way of abstract regulation of human society, but only the creation of dependence arises of the targeted  personalities, that is to say, the creation of power junta/clique, and the nonconforming individuals must undergo genocide. The subject matter of the study of social sciences is bound to the rational/intellectual control/naming of the facts which determines the categories/judgements of the human immaterial/social being. These are divided into a private area that is a specific by its targeted operation on specific individuals, which corresponds to the private nature of the facts, and, conversely, if the description of social facts is directed to the anonymous individual, we see public or general categories of social/human reality. Finally, at the level of the relational subject matter of the study of social sciences, these are institutes understood as a set of rules with the relationships governed by the former that represent the materialization of the institutes into a social structure that has the same characteristics of existence and reproduction over time as the biological body of man.

The dynamics of human society in terms of its development is achieved through the initiation tools of social engineering, which at the level of biological entity are represented by violence and sex. In the early days of human civilization, violence as the exertion of the existential pressure on the individual, especially through competitive gangs in the struggle for resources, served the purpose of the gang self-defining as a “homogeneous social group” by the fact that the originally separate biological entities moved to a more effective existence in the social group and sex served as a means of survival or as a declaration of belonging together. Children became the source of the gang, of the survival under the pressure of competition, as well as of reproduction of the social group over time. So far, the external threat has had a mobilizing character for each ethnicity against competition, and gender, or ethnic/kinship/genetic allegiance, has been the criterion for taking active participation in the competitive struggle. The mystery at the mental level allows one to conclude the problem without its understanding and to work/carry out the rational operations only with external/known manifestations without understanding the processes inside the “black box”, thus starting to develop abstract thinking in mankind by defining the category/object of investigation and determining the properties giving it identity. Man as a biological entity has his/her own body defined by birth and death, both moments being out of the competence of man who is concerned with his/her own origin and end. It is therefore important for the development of mankind as a higher entity to define its identity, which is at the same time the first law of logic, but also the mystery/secret where knowledge/control of the unknown by the physical/intellectual body or the will of man means ritualization of the beginning of life/sacral sex and the end of life/sacred sacrifice, thus defining the common beginnings of the learned and revealed truth, and thus the overall impact of knowledge on the development of human civilization. The social development of human society at the level of the mental/intellectual entity is implemented at the lowest cost through the knowledge of the truth, because truth as the technology of nature is a public tool for anticipating possible future states of being, while also giving man the ability to control the forces of nature that govern it, whether man knows about them or these are unknown to them. At the same time, knowing the truth is equal and stable for each individual over time, because knowledge is not lost but expands and qualitatively deepens. Demagogy is also part of the development of human civilization, understood as an effort to gain the favors of a targeted/specific individual by virtue of being untrue, meaning, it is a purely private/non-public means of synchronizing the goals of different people. Not any untruth may become part of demagogy, but only the one that is materially/factually untrue, but it is virtually/abstractly true. Under the condition that they would all apply it voluntarily in their lives, which will never happen, it would become an added value for all, and from this characteristic its private nature follows, namely, only the targeted, pre-known subscribers may make use of it in their lives, so as it does not become violence against humanity/an abstract person. William Shakespeare says that “all that is right for love is allowed,” but in addition to love in the system of demagogy that has been involved in the development of human civilization, it is also necessary to include categories such as diplomatic protocol, decent behavior, and equal status before the law. In real life, everyone is unique, and the fiction of equality is a material falsity, but it is true as a rational abstraction, which virtually humiliates a person with a higher social status, and thus such a person manifests the respect to a person with a lower status, but since this serves to enriching the human society, a person with a higher status must make an “adoration of a subordinate member of society” on a voluntary basis, and at the same time the other one must be worthy of the respect so manifested. In the case of violence against a physically, mentally or materially more competent person, this is the incorrect use of a private initiation tool of social engineering in the public domain, thereby permanently humiliating the most capable members of society. This must inevitably lead to their degeneration and the wastage of public resources, because demagogy contains an aspect of will, and this requires additional energy because, unlike the truth, it does not exist on its own as a material substrate but only as a virtual abstraction, and its “feeding” should only be paid from one’s own resources by the one who has got the ambition to win the targeted favor of his/her subscribers. Contrary to that, an individual with a higher social status voluntarily accepts his/her virtual “humiliation,” because his/her status depends on society, not on him/her, and if s/he does not want to voluntarily accept the concept/fiction of equality, s/he should probably take his/her “extraordinary” character to an abandoned island outside of society. Of course, at the same time, the principle holds true that an “inferior” member of society must by his/her approach to society/abstract mankind justly be an equal member of human civilization, in particular by his/her non-violent/peaceful/voluntary observance of the principles of respect for every person, of elemental decency of civic coexistence and respect for the incorruptibility of the law, otherwise s/he disqualifies him/herself down to the level of the body that exclusively belongs in the womb of nature. The non-negligible consequence of demagogy, understood as material falsehood and virtual truth, is the settlement of a possible conflict between artificial/technical intelligence and the biological intelligence, which, if extraterrestrial lives do exist, had to be resolved by all the advanced civilizations. Any eventual contact with them, or the survival of humankind, will depend on whether these other intelligences would have to communicate with higher beings/humans or with biological human bodies, i.e. the entities of the natural habitat that their subscribers have been given in most of the world religions, i.e. quasi “higher creatures,” available for use to meet their needs. At the level of the social entity, integrity and the dynamics of human society are fully in the hands of woman. The woman determines a set of rules governing family relationships because she can afford it from her mother’s point of view because she is “the lady” over the genes to be reproduced and she applies this advantage by the privatization of the bloodline, thereby establishing the institution of the family in the form of a multilateral relational social structure, unlike the one-sided adorning projection of mutual co-existence between man and woman, which arose in an enclosed group under the existential threat of the external environment/violence. The intergenerational integrity of the family is created by an oblique transfer of genes from the grandparents to the grandchildren. For all other social structures to be natural, the principle of non-violence, the protection of every woman, and the equality of every person must apply. Eventually, the very beginning of human civilization is given by the abstinence syndrome/addiction following from hormones and endocrine glands, which help to create mental addiction between man and woman. For the natural development of civilization in peace and the pursuit of happiness by an individual as a member of human society, it is necessary to protect exclusivity of the relationship of one woman and one man as the only basic correct resource of humankind.

The previous text describes a way of “unleashing” of the human society from the womb of nature, creating the first society of primeval woman. Consequently, these relationships are developed on the basis of the social accumulation of resources caused by the development of agriculture, creating a society of improbus woman. This develops into a society of fertile woman thanks to the private accumulation of resources from foreign trade, which completes the development of today’s civilization, but is still captivated by atavisms of violence that stood at the birth of our society and lead mankind to “consuming” all of the resources of our planet Earth until the extinction of the human species. It is necessary “to privatize the truth” for the mankind to create a family as a community of “higher beings”  as the basic and the only effective means of communication within mankind, in other words, to deal with the ideology in the sense of a systematic and all-encompassing doctrine serving as a political program of creation of forcible manipulation of man and to use the single rational means of virtual dependence of every member of the human community on money in all its functions of currency, tender, measure of value, world money, and value keeper.

Just as there exist forces that created human civilization, there are also destructive forces that have had the opposite direction of action. The most important force is the violence inside the social group towards its members, with its biological activity being less substantial, but for the purposes of social engineering, there is a sense of violence at the person’s personality level. The pro-civilizational effect of violence outside the gang/community towards the outside milieu and an balanced genus competition causes in social group members their gaining the identity by understanding the status of “I am not them”/danger. Then security/”that is us” represents a positive motivation for closer cooperation within their community, up to its exclusion from the womb of nature as a human community. Human consciousness is bound to a biological entity/brain in the state of full interconnectivity of all its parts, that is, it is of material/hardware, not of any virtual/software essence, which means that the essence of consciousness is deterministic and consciousness, similar to the processor in the computer depending on its performance, different with each human individual, is capable of attaining the highest stage of development. This represents the consciousness of the “higher personality” of the identity of knowledge and virtue, as understood by the Greek philosopher Socrates. Personality development takes place as an indivisible and simultaneous development of consciousness and will, which begins with the conjunction of consciousness and will to the primal attitude of personality identity “I am myself”, but violence oriented towards the interior of human society against its members can block the closure of consciousness and will in the personality fetus and will create a mental semi-intelligent person from the consciousness of man, who approaches his/her neighbor in the community by taking an “I-am-not-them” approach. The will of such a person needs to be integrated with a substitute entity that is represented by materialism at the level of intellect, and it concentrates on the relationship to oneself in the form of craving egoism at the level of relations. The dependence on the body’s own substances becomes the center of an egoist/individual without social connectivity, i.e. of a “non-personality”. Deviant behavior can include sexual offenses, misbehavior such as gambling, humiliation and doing harm to the neighbor, or systemic violation of any rules of civilization, or administration of external substances in the form of alcoholism and drug abuse.

A trigger for leashing the degeneration forces of the human civilization of a private nature is represented by violence against its own members, which can be physical, psychic, and social, but there are also forces of public degeneration triggered by the mystery of virtual value. Involving the will to control the unknown gives rise to a problem of the reality of the world and hence the definition of sacredness, which can be understood as a praise of knowledge that gives me the opportunity to predict and control the existence of the material world, or to experience participation in the divine work or the higher/abstract being of mankind, or means a taboo, a sacred ban on addressing the facts outside of the material world, or there is no point in dealing with them, because there is no taboo according to the subscribers of the taboo system. Both approaches then correspond to the way they deal with their will in relation to other people, and, naturally, they approach abstract humanity differently, or one of them is involved in “seeing and knowing” the being and the other only in “knowing” it. For both approaches, it is common that they accumulate knowledge, but each with another goal/outcome. This sufficiently enough outlines the origins of the development of human civilization from a gnostic point of view, but the book still postulates the hypothesis that “there is a source of infinite and immaterial energy that hits an absolute set of patterns/ideas, which manifests itself in the form of quantum fluctuations that represent “spotting” of debt to a clear energy source, but the dilation of time in “clearing/returning” the energy debt “imprisons” the energy in its material form/identity/egoism, and thus a permanent “separation” from the source arises, then accumulation is the process of the concentration of time, which is an imaginary attempt to get the material being back to the primeval beginning/return as much debt as possible”.

The taboo system would create a virtual value for its subscribers, but only on the condition of its secrecy towards individuals not participating in the ensuing benefits; for example, the judicial mafia would create a virtual asset, i.e. the insolvency trustee would assign a non-existing claim that has not been entered in the asset inventory to satisfy creditors, and the judge would deal with it as if it existed, thereby creating a virtual judicial asset through which the judicial persons would rob a third person; or an attorney would apply to the court for damages but the property was not in the ownership of the aggrieved person, but the judge would deal as if that property were in the person’s ownership, and here again, the material conditions are created for the ownership benefit of the judicial persons whose “independence” guaranteed by the Constitution of the rule of law gives rise to the formation of a dark society as described in the book. The above creation of a judicial “value” is an example of a particular material virtual value. Another example of a particular virtual value, but an intangible/moral one, is the transfer of private value to the public milieu, such as compassion, esteem, respect and the like, where there is no reciprocity of the beneficiary of higher values, meaning that the provider is robbed of its real assets and the coverage is provided by committed journalism that can afford it within its normal activities because it is protected by the “freedom of speech” in the constitution of the rule of law. Ideology creates a system of abstract virtual value of public subscribers who receive the cover from State power institutions to parasite on the real values of the non-subscribers to the establishment. Finally, the dark society is a system of abstract virtual value of non-public/secret subscribers. This includes the mafia and various secret societies that work with virtual targets/artificially created problems burdening the non-subscribers of the dark society so that, on the contrary, the “dark” subscribers can participate in the distribution processes of real public resources.

The taboo system always concerns a limited number of people, because then it would be a transparent system, and it would not be possible to create virtual “values”/problems/crimes whose “solution” must be paid by non-subscribers standing out of the taboo, untouchable secrecy. Human civilization is integrated by the forces that are intangible, but affecting in the “invisible”/”mysterious” way every member of the society, independently of their will. Such forces are mysteries, and for common understanding, the best analogy is in the pricing mechanism, or money in all of its qualitative functions. The pricing mechanism in perfectly competitive markets contains the preferences of each person and through the value-creating, distribution and redistribution relationships integrates the activities and goals of all the members of the human community. The intent of the mysteries is full connectivity of all the members of the community, unlike the forces of degeneration of the society that try to bilk out the people of this connection, which causes a feeling of hopelessness and loneliness in man. The future of mankind, if it survives the next period, will be one of accumulation of values, unlike today’s ideology of personal loneliness based on maximizing the consumption.

The most stable system of fixation of elitist parasitism can be achieved by eliminating the private initiative by controlling/enslaving a woman, thereby completely suppressing the social dynamics. Islamic society is a typical example of the above, where woman is just a subject of man’s satisfaction and reproduction of his genes over time. The woman is dominated by violence, whether physical (the Arabic proverb says “beat a woman, and she herself will find out why”), or by psychological pressure by a system of permanent control by other women, especially by husband’s the mother, and finally by the social pressure of an unequal status before the law in the Islamic law Sharia, or by the cultural pressure exerted by the entire society. Violence against women eliminates half of the population from the option of a private initiative, and in the male part of the population, the private initiative is reduced to the biological needs of reproduction. Polygamy increases even further the imbalance in the gender market, and the enormous demand for the dowry for a bride continues to “increase” the barrier to marriage, thereby achieving the reproduction of their genes over time for a large proportion of Muslim men, prompting them to undertake anything to be able to satisfy their needs. Then the needs of the body exclude the possibility of asserting the needs of the spirit or higher principles of mankind. Similar efforts to eliminate a private initiative may be seen in Western European societies, where the ideology of the elites is aimed at controlling the women by materializing the consumption, eliminating the evolutionary ability of cohabitation, and preference for female instincts to their capabilities of social connectivity. This increases the imbalance in the gender market and also leads men to becoming non-thinking biological machines, and, unfortunately, the same forces are trying to enforce this value marasmus in Central and Eastern Europe. Social disconnectivity leads to man’s being torn off from any mystery, resulting in a cult of death that stems from the desperation resulting from loneliness, and loneliness resulting from the dependence that is reproduced in the society from parents brought up in violence, from material consumption that provides the “momentum”, not permanent value, to ultimately giving rise to endocrine disorders and artificial drug addiction.

(Political Adaptation of the Book “The Theory of Truth”/www.theorytruth.com)

Today’s Western civilization is at the same stage of decay as it had been several times in history, for example the period of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty and the 2nd to 4th centuries AD.  in the Roman Empire. Typical for today and the periods mentioned above is the so-called. “sexual revolution” and violence in society, as well as an endeavor to find a way out. The Egyptian elites attempted to address the social marasmus of the peoples around Egypt at the end of the Middle Egypt by mental synchronization of the neighboring civilizations by disclosing their mysteries. It was a public concept of recognizing the role of women in the origins and development of human civilization, the bearer of which was Orpheus and the private program of discipline and the “elimination of decadence” from public life, whose bearer was Moses, Orpheus‘ contemporary. The most violent Greek society of Sparta was the greatest persecutor of the Orphic cult, which also achieved its liquidation as a whole, and has so far been preserved in the form of fragments in the works of ancient authors. The discipline program was limited to a closed circle of people of the chosen Jewish nation and, no matter how successful it was in gaining resources, it could never have survived the pressure of the whole world without mass support. The enrichment of Judaism in Orphic elements of strict non-violence inside the society and the protection of the woman in the cult of the Mother of God was the right “software” for addressing the social marasmus “borrowed by Emperor Constantine the Great” and stabilized the East Roman Empire for 1000 years and it was only the activities of the Republic of Venice – the followers of Sparta and the Ottoman Turks – Islamic “immigrants” destroyed Constantinople. At the beginning of every social violence, there is the synchronization of people with the innermost mystery, and in every person the most intense area is their sexual tension. Then it is natural that people with the most socially unacceptable sexual deviation are most motivated to relativize social values and to promote violence as an even less acceptable way of organizing social relationships, whereby such people in fact intend that their sexual tension permanently enduring their personality becomes a negligible social problem, because death as a form of non-existence has zero social status. Of course, the society has its own mechanisms that prevent social marasmus from spreading among social groups, so social violence is primarily aimed at the elimination of all the social institutional and moral boundaries, up to the last instance of national and state sovereignty, therefore reincarnation of proletarian internationalism in the form of the concept of globalization is an instrument of self-destruction of humanity as an animal species on Earth.


Women are the only persons in the human society who voluntarily and permanently energize and harmonize it. The woman is from her childhood motivated to fulfill her life with her motherhood, leading her to a responsible lifestyle, peaceful behavior, and maintaining appropriate living conditions for her children for the future. Such a socially positive action must be protected, as there are types of human individuals who disrupt and disharmonize peace and support of life in the future. For this reason, it is inevitable to exclude them from the public media domain. The identification mark of these people is their voluntary sterility, i.e. they are usually not biological parents in 90% of cases, their genes are “blind”. Therefore, they do not have to deal with the future, and they can focus on themselves and their egoism, living without commitment to the human society they are only using. This is linked to extraordinary disharmonic strategies for the future of human race in the sense of the slogan: “May there come flood after me,” and “if not me, then nobody,” by which they can cause the extinction of our civilization. These are people with a nihilistic approach to the woman, to her body, which repels them as homosexual men or “different” women who are dissatisfied with their female bodies or with the maternal function of the female gender, i.e. through their indifferent relationship to children they manifest themselves as “zombies” or quasi-women, whether by reason of egoism, social disconnection, or mentality. A similar type of individual, but male, is an androcentric (a male professing superiority of men) who uses a woman without emotional attachment as his maverick or object of physical satisfaction. Finally, there is a group with the preference of using other sexual techniques than voluntary heterosexual sexual intercourse, such as lesbian and frigid women, and on the man’s side there are sexual deviants, usually with tendencies to violence where the largest group consists of pedophiles.

Another group, which is oriented towards the future and can positively energize human society, although usually only temporarily, are young people. Today’s Western society has prepared for young people the trap of losing social mobility, i.e. an option to choose a social position on the basis of their initiative and discipline where it is best for them and society will accept it as an asset. Steve Bennon, the former adviser to the US President Donald Trump, said in his lecture at Oxford University that the generation of parents of today’s students was the last to have had the opportunity/freedom to determine their place in society and get rich. Today’s young people are already predestined to become biological machines if they wanted to remain themselves or become human beasts against their neighbors because all the positions in society have been occupied by corporations, secret services, and the mafia. Biological appliances, or “political plankton,” are the people who are predestined to being without their own will, they only have to consume the goods in order to maintain the value of the capital of the elite and to levy the taxes that the “elected” will redistribute. In disillusion, young people would eventually succumb to the lure of a “dark society” in the form of ideological slogans, but these mean their inclusion in the system of parasitism of today’s Western civilization, for example, the tradition of classical liberalism is abused in the form of avowing to the value of liberal democracy and the need for struggling for it. The solution is in adopting anti-corruption laws, harsh control of compliance with the rules of competition, civil inspection of secret services, transparency in the handling of public resources, personal responsibility, including the financial one, the first-contacts in the public sector for compliance with the deadlines, including those after appeals. Only in this way will public sector workers be motivated to act strictly in accordance with the law, so as to avoid delays, thereby avoiding the sanctioning of their personal property. In the media sector, it is necessary to clearly define the concepts, because struggling for something means pushing something against the will of another person, and that is not liberal but tyrannical. Denying the opinion of a person who is peaceful and wanting that person to be media-lynched for it is non-liberal. Young people must always be reminded that the basis of classical liberalism is in the principle of freedom, which is understood in such a way that my freedom ends where the freedom of the other person begins. This is the only principle of fairness based on equity and humanity. The basis for the peaceful coexistence of human beings is always in an asymmetric reaction to evil, because if a man begins to use the means of evil in the struggle with evil, even if he defeats evil he himself will becomes evil, or a beast in human skin.

The last group of motivated people who energize human society are individuals with immediate inspiration as entrepreneurs and scientists. Their protection is the subject of a study of classical liberalism, where a personal private initiative of each individual citizen who meets the needs of other members of society must be protected and supported. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure transparency of all actions and management of funds in the public sector, from which transparency of the business milieu in Slovakia also develops, following which the relationship of private individuals with the public sector must take place on the basis of previously known, transparent and legally binding rules.

Catharsis of the public sector is only possible by ensuring that access to the public system is only available to people who are capable of doing so. The purpose of selective rules for regulating the access of inappropriate persons to public offices is the idea that when there are no cancer cells present in the body of the public administration, that is, inappropriate candidates, the body or the public system cannot fall ill. In the governance, there are two types of positions of public officials who are either elected or chosen on the basis of previously known criteria. For the offices that are filled by selection, it is necessary to set criteria for sanctions for the first contacts for their delays, including the appeal procedure, because the citizen does not care what the reason for the delays is, but the administration is obliged to provide the public service properly and on time. So a first-contact person in a select position, such as a District Court Judge or a first-level administrator, must bear the material responsibility for the quality of their work from filing a petition to issuing the final decision, because as he initially sets the level, the parties will appeal, so there may also be delays, allowing opportunities for the conditions to be created of, for example, judicial mafia, corruption and clientelistic relations in public administration. For example, the quality of the District Judge’s work causes the parties to appeal, and the first-served exercise of public authority would not end, for example, in the final judgment of the court within 5 years. The interested party is thus entitled to compensation by the State in the average monthly salary for each month commenced in the proceedings. This will have to be paid by the State automatically to the injured party and then enforced by distrainment from the first instance judge who commenced the proceedings. In addition, it is necessary to ensure catharsis of the judiciary from persons who have “more than 5-years case” in their portfolio, to suspend their judicial examination so that they can repeat it, and if the delays of such a judge continue to accumulate, to abolish it altogether, and his/her judicial practice will no longer be able to enter into legal practice for the exercise of legal professions. The basic idea of such an approach is that people who are not mentally and morally competent or are controlled by others are not interested in the position. This would create a sane and natural base of competent individuals from whom to select suitable candidates for career advancement to senior public authorities on the basis of their high-quality work. This is a transparent requirement for the competence of first-contacts because they, by their first-instance decision, “direct” the decision-making conditions for appellate bodies, and if the law is initially applied correctly, fairly and in time, it is possible to achieve harmonious performance of public offices under the minimal running costs of such public administration. In elected offices, it is necessary to recognize the centuries-old tradition of ancient Greeks and their experience with this mechanism of reproduction or succession of power. According to Socrates, the mechanism of democratic election is amoral, because there is nothing to guarantee that the favor of the people or the voters will reach the most capable person. For this reason, glorification of the soulless electoral system is empty fetishism. Pythagoras draws attention to the disease of democratic elections in that it attracts people who do not participate in the elections on the basis of transparent rules, or in terms of the game theory, where the player who violates the rules always meets the conditions that other participants observe but on the basis of pre-agreed client links. Plato is openly opposed to democratic elections because he insists that only enlightened individuals rule. A certain modification, which provided the 2,000-year old stability of the Catholic Church, is the form of the Pope’s election through the conclave, where the Pope appoints the cardinals, i.e. the electors with the ability to be elected to the office of the Pope, and the individuals appointed in the above way are under the public control for their lives, integrity and the authority of their service to God and the Church. The non-negligible factor is also the continuity of the Pope’s office, because the Pope decides who to rank among individuals with active and passive electoral law, but this right may also be suspended by him and can only be unblocked by him or another Pope. In modern democratic countries, electoral systems are deformed in the same way as in ancient Greece, so it is appropriate for persons who do not have a social commitment and their future life strategy is of zero value, to have no passive electoral rights. Therefore, the only natural condition is that only those individuals who are biological parents can be elected. Another natural requirement must be to exercise the profession of potential candidates for elected offices, on the basis of professional honor, meaning that any person, including a competitor, in the context of a competition, may accuse certain individuals in the position of managers or owners of being liars in connection with the exercise of their profession. Then the loss of passive voting rights due to professional deception would have the consequence that such individuals in managerial positions or as at least 20% of the owners of legal entities would not be able to take part in public contracts as well. Last but not least, it is necessary to ensure that a candidate for an elected position has the mental capacity to perform an elected office, so the requirement for at least the average intelligence quotient corresponding to that country is well justified.

Unlike the media “values of Western civilization”, the pursuance of which has been associated with 10 million people killed in the world over the past 30 years, the fundamental value of European civilization is not death but life! The civilization message of Europe is at the same time in the force of law that is hierarchically organized and subordinate to the fundamental value of life. The institute that provides the rule of law and therefore the de facto security of the socio-economic environment of a citizen is in a public order reservation, the violation of which is sufficiently described in the legal sources, the violation of which leads any country constituent to its decomposition as it becomes a “banana republic” without sovereignty over its territory and the population living there. The nature of the public order reservation is in the imperative nature of the rule of law which must be applied to legal relations within the State, irrespective of which law should or may otherwise be used. The fundamental value of Europe is human life, and its protection is triple, namely the right to biological life, the right to spiritual life and the right to the environment. Therefore, the imperative value of the unity of universal humanity, individual personal equality and the exercise of public power must be enshrined in the Constitution of the Slovak Republic on the basis of justice, and the declaration of protection of life should also be part of the Presidential Standard of the President of the Slovak Republic embodied in the motto: “Truth – Justice – Love”. In the event of any conflict with this fundamental imperative value, legal protection guarantees must be suppressed in the public domain of all conflicting facts and, if they concern the rights to personal rights, such as religious, sexual, they can only be protected at the level of privacy, public protection, as such legal protection would interfere with the rights of other citizens.

Life is what is realistic and material, i.e. material or biologically realistic, so any virtual value that is contrary to the material truth cannot enjoy the protection of the law. From a procedural point of view, in the decision-making process of a public authority, if any party contests a lack of material truth in the proceedings, the public authority must make a partial decision defining the existence of material truth as the basis of the dispute, since a public official, such as a judge within the scope of his/her competence, may create a virtual truth, for example, accepts a damages action, but the asset to have purportedly been damaged, has never been owned by the person who claims it. Such a procedure violates the principle of a legitimate judge who would be competent to resolve material truth while defining the virtual value through which the judicial mafia can parasite on the realistic values of the persons non-participating in the virtual truth. For political-social processes, it is extremely important to understand how values in the form of mental qualitative categories form human consciousness and, consequently, human society. The system of sacrificial ban – taboo – is one of the most important ways of creating values in the social system. The first is inviolability due to the divine essence, thus creating mysteries that are the meaning of religions, thus allowing for the mental synchronization of the members of the society or of the given community – the subscribers to faith. Similarly, the mystery at the level of “insiders”, who may be sectarian members, but also mafia criminals, or clientelistic clusters within a judicial mafia, creates value, but only for the subscribers of this mystery, who stand out against other members of society as elite. This mystery gives them the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over uninitiated individuals simply by merely synchronizing the way of thinking and acting in a natural way with the initiated members of the community who, by being sure it is a secret, provide a virtual form of trust among themselves, allowing that such individuals may act and coordinate in activities that are contrary to morality or at the expense of uninitiated members of human society. Of course, secrecy can act as a method of parasitism on uninitiated individuals only until it is generally known, therefore, aggression towards uninitiated persons is only possible if the substance is obscured. So the solution is to prevent the emergence of such mafia structures, which is resolved by the transparency in performance public power and the management of public resources. On the contrary, at the last stage of creating taboo-based social value is the protection or the preservation of the inviolability of a certain virtual value on the basis of the law. Law must always contain material truth, because if it begins to protect virtual value, then there is no way of verifying it, which means that subscribers to virtual truth begin to abuse the right to suppress the rights of the non-subscribers and by gaining control over the tools of power they would appropriately abuse it. Ancient philosophers also pointed out the tyranny by saying that democracy would slip into tyranny if power becomes a value for and by itself, or if tyranny has an ideological basis in the form of virtual value, such as the Nuremberg racial laws, communist values of spiritual nihilism destroying the personal freedoms of the individual and recently launched transgender laws, so democracy would eventually plunge into genocide. The problem with the protection of virtual values is that such a society would end up with its self-collapse, when by the genocide annihilated non-subscribers to virtual values would prevent any further expansion of parasitism, because there is physically nobody to be parasitic on and actually self-destructing society occurs – “revolution is devouring its own children” which ends up in the complete disintegration of society. The only solution to avoiding a total disintegration of society is strict adherence to the principle of a public order reservation based on the highest value of the European civilization – life. In fact, the law must be applied only on the basis of material truth, while respecting the equality of every person before the law.

The concept of the status nation presupposes that each person simultaneously lives in three circles of social relations that can be characterized as family, corporation, and the State. From the personality point of view, each man deals as an immanent component of his/her life – his/her life, his/her existence as a physical being, then his/her social status as the value of his/her being for other members of society, and finally the reproduction of his/her genes in the form of offspring. The most intriguing and most comprehensive circuit that includes the satisfaction of all the components of human life, and in which one experiences a secure, full satisfaction status, and does not address the issue of the negative impact of social relations at all, is family. This sense of security is achieved in relation from a member of the family towards the other members of the family by parietal optimization, and in turn, the family members as a social group towards individuals based on solidarity. At the corporate level, the economic entity, the political party, the Church, and so on, represent a range of voluntary social relations, because each member of the society decides on the basis of his/her will to engage into a relationship, thus addressing the improvement of his/her status as well as eliminating the negative impacts of corporate optimization. A member of society at this level of social relations does not enter into reproductive relationships, but only in the existential and status ones. At the corporate level, the most complex optimization of the society exists due to the fact that, in addition to the relationships between the member and the social entity – the corporation, there emerges a new type of relationship among the social entities, so at the personality – individual level among the members of the society as well as the corporate relations with each member of the society, a parietal optimization holds true that no one may improve their position at the expense of the deterioration of another member of society. This is no longer true at the corporate level, where the corporate social entity applies the principle of solidarity to its members, but corporations coordinate each other on the basis of evolutionary competitive struggle. At the last stage of aggregation of social relations, it is a world-view, cultural or civilization status, according to what is considered to be the highest value; whether God, a person as a spiritual personality, and from this following the origin of humanism, or the life of man as a physical being, from which the sovereignty of the State develops by the application of a public order reservation. Depending on how the State implements the protection of its members or eliminates the impact of negative states on its citizens, it is possible to talk about the overlap or deficit of the status nation towards a state formation operating on a certain territory and exercising sovereignty over the population resident therein. From the point of view of optimizing the functioning of social relations at international level, the principle of solidarity is completely absent here, which is logical because this relativizes the status of the individual towards his/her nation and means ideological waste of resources. Therefore, such a State formation tends to disintegrate to the territorial level where it could fulfill the function of the last instance to which the individual has an influence to ensure the elimination of the negative effects on his/her personal status. States must internally behave in a parietal optimal way and to other States on the basis of evolutionary competition, which means using all the means available to obtain all the available resources, but of course this can only be done on condition that the standard of their citizens must not go lower – only this will ensure non-wasting of resources and the peaceful coexistence of the human race. Interestingly, Steve Bennon, though he certainly does not know the concept of the status nation, has come to the conclusion that the only rescue for humanity is the nation state, and globalization leads to the demise of mankind. To be able to act rationally, one has to know his/her position in the social system, but when violence is committed or the existence of stable social ties is denied to him/her, he/she is trapped in a trap of egoism that leads to a cult of death strategy, despite the fact that he/she is otherwise capable of living a normal way of life. The most beautiful example of corporate solidarity is a classical representative democracy, which was based on the release of the stress of tension that one feels as part of his/her life in human society. Depending on how people felt tensions in democratic elections, they chose a policy that was preferred to addressing the social-welfare issues as a left-wing policy that offers social-welfare and health care, but if the economic situation was a good one, then opted for a right-wing policy that supported the associative life enriching the whole society. Finally, when stagnation began, the parties of classical liberalism were supported in elections, which are aimed at protecting and supporting a private initiative. The world changed when, 100 years ago, at the end of the World War I, there was a “slaughter of God”, which until then had been the second pillar of the sovereignty of the State through the imperative of morality. Since the end of World War I, we have witnessed the so-called sexual revolution, which is nothing more than the expulsion of sexual frustration in part of the human population from the private domain to the public domain, where they were based on the religious morality enforced by the world power. The problem of release of sexual frustration appears to be the permanent cause of failure of human civilization, and similar problems were solved by the Pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty of the Middle Egyptian Empire or the Roman Empire in the 2nd to the 4th centuries. l. from Emperor Marcus Aurelius up to Constantine the Great. The problem of human destruction is triggered by individuals in blinded genes mode who voluntarily interrupt the reproduction of their genes in the form of offspring and, by not creating a family, they lack satisfying their sexual tension, which they naturally seek to address at the level of corporate social relations in the public sector. Sexual frustration is probably the strongest and most intimate mystery of any individual with extremely strong motivation to find an equally affected individual, and when they find him/her, there occurs an extreme mental synchronicity and a win-win attitude to the “normal” majority population. For each elitist corporation, therefore, sex and violence play a key role because it stems from a feeling of isolation, which is understood as the violence of society towards a “disabled” individual who needs to repay the same coin but at the same time wants to protect the newly discovered disabled person by violence this allows him/her to enter into an intimate relationship that is scarce for them. Finally, by secretly coordinating, they act in their intimate corporate social ties as a clan, giving them the advantage and the sense of superiority over the “uninitiated” individuals from the majority population who believe they are participating in individual competition. Sexual frustration has its male or female forms, much like in the 14th century BC. the world was rebuked by fighting/violence of the sun/men and the lunar/female cults, and according to sexual deviation from voluntary heterosexual intercourse, the relevant cults differed. The common feature of the elitist mental equipment was the cult of death, because this is the only “certainty” in life, since the subscribers to “initiation” voluntarily discontinued their family line, and for that very reason they have no respect for the life of the normal population. Violence provides them with a virtual sense of belonging that is felt and practiced in the family of a normal population, and they are excluded from it. By reference to the biological body they want to control, because one who controls the body through fear, also controls the soul of man; this elitist direction defines a whole group of fascist concepts. Included within them are those who are nihilizing, show contempt for normal sexual intercourse; men prefer involuntary or violent sexual practices, especially pedophilia, and women prefer lesbian relationships and frigidity. Communist concepts want to control the consciousness of man in the form of addiction, and thus they also achieve “obedience” of the body; in the sexual area especially women nihilize the sex, men are usually homosexuals and transsexuals, as well as asexuals, sexual abstainers and transgender persons who have devoted to drug addiction; in the case of women, they want to psychically “transform” their female body to the opposite sex. The atheistic elitist approach to sexuality is based on the infallible egoism that conceptually replaces, “controls” God by disdain and manipulation with the normal population; in the sexual domain, such egoists tend to feel superior and resist social commitments in the form of offspring, because children mean a creator-like capacity of the female body, and this divine competence is in contradiction with their divine ambitions, the fulfillment of which they expect in the form of a wretched admiration from the majority population; that is, in men, they are androcentric, and in women the zombie of a woman. In politics, atheism is the basis for populism, ad hoc concepts associated with the adoration of a particular leader, and often associated with crypto-fascist or communist political concepts for mass manipulation. The solidary system of Western civilization as a classic representative democracy, was subjugated by deviant individuals, the leftist politics of social security have perverted the system artificially generated security crises, right-wing federal policy based on the creating of new and layering existing social ties to integrate statistical segregated minorities without social ties with the majority (LGBTI, Islamic community, criminals, etc.), and ultimately the traditional liberalism of protecting an individual initiative is replaced by freedom of violence against the individual. Of course, the result is disillusionment of majority population that has lost social orientation and the trust in democratic institutions and “stolen” traditional political parties, so the only solution is in a return to the nation-state, but not on an ethnic, but a status principle, in which the ideological principle of wasting national resources will be internationally removed and will be replaced by the evolutionary competitive struggle for resources that will be used for accumulation of national wealth, as the current US President Donald Trump is doing.

In terms of social regulation, Islam represents a mechanism of eugenic breeding of a human species that at the same time eliminates the private initiative of members of society in order to exclude the “degenerated” individuals from the process of the reproduction of genes. In the Islamic community, half of the population/women is bound by the mother’s son’s supervision, who has a privileged position within the final instance of all women and children in the family. A fertile woman does not know how to emancipate and promote her domination over both a man and an elderly parent, so her only ambition or “career tip” is to give birth to her son to be able to take a position of supervision over the women and children of her son in the post-fertile period. By adopting the 20/80 empirical concept, it is possible to assume that the male population has 20% of male individuals endowed with leadership and organizational skills who also form the political and economic structure of society and 20% of men have communication and social skills, which predestines them to control the capital-economic base of society. Then the concept of polygamy sets out the genetic “waste” of men unable to get a woman to reproduce their genes, because at a ratio of 2.5 women per man in such a population, women fit for reproduction would take 2 men out of 5 who control the power and resources of society. If we hypothetically pick up 5 men and 5 women who could make 5 pairs, then at a ratio of 1.25 females per 1 man, 1 man is reproductively destroyed and at a ratio of 2.5 females per man there are up to 3 males in the blind developmental branch in the evolution of man. The man who is a “waste” for such a society, that is, the society has liquidated him, suffers biologically a lot from unsatisfied “libido,” and his private initiative is all focused on satisfying his physical need, so that in such a controlled society, the right to private initiative is only with 20% of individuals, representing the coincidence of 40% of the male population. The proportion of the 10% to 30% of the “write-off” population, representing 20% to 60% of men, is a highly motivated and aggressive group whose internal tensions need to be directed away from a society that has “condemned” them as waste; it is necessary to divide the world into the world of Islam and the world of war where, in the world of war, a frustrated individual can unconditionally release all the “saved” complexes of a worthless member of his community. The feeling of worthlessness for one’s own community is so socially humiliating that, in conjunction with the biological non-satisfaction of one’s own “libido,” it is necessary to prove useful to its community, by whatever means, by which such men become individuals determined to do anything they can do “well” to their community, which usually means choosing the easiest way to do evil to unbeliever, for what purpose all their frustration and aggression is aimed at by dividing the world into the world of Islam and the world of war, so it is a community that as civilization is in principle violent. Violence is also a reason why the German Chancellor said that Islam belongs to Germany because her policy is a crypto-fascist policy of Spartan-type, and there is never enough violence in such a society.

The European Union is a project that has emerged from the noble moves of European cooperation under pressure or the threat of destroying the European civilization by the Communist regime of the former Soviet Union. This value must be preserved and protected in the sense of the European civilization reference to the protection of life, elimination of the threat of violence on the basis of zero tolerance, and the sovereignty of the law. Within the EU, it is necessary to face the threat of its disruption due to the loss of internal sovereignty that has been caused by the destruction of the basic principle of the construction of a rule of law based on public order. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, was the most deserving of this when she allowed the sharia jurisdiction in Germany to unilaterally violate the Lisbon Treaty on a Common Asylum Policy of the EU countries, disrupting the Schengen area by inviting illegal immigrants and even 1/3 of the immigrants arriving in Germany by air without documents, which can only be done in conjunction with alien power. The moral decomposition of European civilization is aimed at suppressing individuals who enrich and energize human society, such as women, young people and entrepreneurs whose protagonists from the so-called liberal democracies want to “rob” of the ability to manage their fate, deprive the initiatives and possibilities of social dynamics by promoting the aggressive and hateful ideology of transgenderism, LGBT, academic atheism, cults of violence and death, the icon of which is French President Emmanuel Macron. The third major event threatening the collapse of the EU is the benevolence against French public finances, which translates the costs of Europe’s monetary stability to all other members of the Eurozone, and the European institutions are willing to sacrifice the project of the European currency for the protection of a natural person – the politician Emmanuel Macron. A notable signal of the threat to the EU collapse is Brexit. Given the fact that the United Kingdom has been the world’s civilization power for 200 years, it is important to note that the English elites count on the worst scenario in Europe, including the disintegration of the EU and the war, otherwise they would not be willing to bear the cost of the Brexit, which in the optimistic scenario represents 10 billion Euro per month. In the form of the United Kingdom, a power of common sense is leaving that is now needed to tear the hoop of crypto-communism and fascism that Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel engage with Europe, and it is important that in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, Europeans give a clear signal to these politicians and their sponsors to leave. One must be particularly attentive to the outbreaks of war in Europe, with the regime being co-opted by Barack Obama and Angela Merkel in Ukraine, where fascist Banderian forces have been activated, the unprecedented decline in the standard of living of ordinary Ukrainians, and the political scene is constantly striving to bring the EU conflict with Russia. Another focal point of the 100% outbreak of a war conflict is the emergence of the Kosovo Army, which will definitely trigger ethnic cleansing. The last candidate for war is Turkey in connection with another Barack Obama’s gift to Europe in Syria, which can cause escalation of the conflict in the Middle East only after a possible conflict with Greece in the Aegean Sea.

A natural solution to stopping the EU’s break-up process is the protection of the external border and zero tolerance for violence. The solution of migrants who have already come to Europe must be focused on the cultural and linguistic assimilation of immigrants into the societies of the countries in which they are located. However, in the case of migrant violence, it is necessary to address the expulsion of such individuals with zero tolerance. For all violent individuals, including citizens of European countries, it must be a value to have a civil-law relationship with the EU; therefore, in the case of violent crimes, it is necessary to introduce an institution of citizenship loss, with the need to encourage the emergence of contract correctional facilities on islands in the sea in order to ensure the isolation of violent victims from the peace-keeping population and, if necessary, to put such correctional facilities, or to operate under extra-European jurisdiction, for example in Nigeria or Libya. For such prisoners, the EU would pay the contracting facilities and the countries where they would be located. In relation to violence by Islam, the Islamic population in Europe needs to be broken down by reference to violence, and the part that is committing any violence must be immediately and strictly excluded outside EU jurisdictions. For potential migratory waves from Africa, it is necessary to provide immigration offices in countries outside European jurisdiction. These restrictive measures must be accompanied by a proactive operation of infrastructure investments in African countries, and this investment activity must be based on the principles of the natural values of each African country so as to support the economic activity of the African population and not from the perspective of a racist colonial approach where infrastructure is being built only for the purpose of using the natural resources of Africa. Infrastructure projects must be linked to land reform, so that the original African people can gain ground on the basis of their work. The intent of infrastructure investment and land distribution is to re-iterate the economic, cultural and political developments of the 19th century in Europe, including all the negative phenomena such as nationalism and egoism of that period, because without this self-awareness process there can be no self-fulfilling and viable state formations in Africa, which would create the conditions for economic growth linked to work and the functioning of an efficient market. By increasing the well-being of the African population on the basis of their own work, both the secondary and uncontrolled growth of the African population will be resolved, because the African population would be emancipated from the natural society to the homo-economic one, that it will begin to think about the efficient use of resources and its own self-implementation. At present, in Africa, there are no realistic economic links and value-based processes, only neocolonial, and so the population behaves like in a zoo, so it is also natural that it wants to get into real human society in Europe. Africa, with its population overwhelming, loses the ability to feed its population at the hunter-collector level, and their “feeding” in the neocolonial style is not decent of the 21st century.

From a global perspective, there are several neurotic problems that are unpredictable. The main trigger of tension is the infrastructure project, technically called the “Silk Route”, by which China wants to bypass the existing business routes and capital flows, and aims to displace the US on the brink of the economic island economy. The second neuralgic problem is the US government’s unpayable government debt as the remainder of a 30-year US dollar resource-free policy for US citizens based on ideological and marketing manipulations. The US public debt position directly calls on countries wishing to emulate on the international political scene to undermine the global economy, leading to the loss of the US government’s ability to refinance as a result of the repatriation of dollar reserves, causing a bubble in the capital markets that when bursting, may mean sublimation of at least 20% of the capital of the Western world. Russia, among other things, with its weapon systems, which it declared last year, demonstrated the technological capacity to work with the isotope energy that, if it wished, would break the energy sector, with more than half of the capitalization of Western economies being made up of energy firms. They would have to drastically reduce their capitalization and this could lead to the loss of the wealth of Western countries and the collapse of social systems and the associated chaos. All these threats need to be remembered, but the losses are so great and the consequences so unpredictable that we in Slovakia must actively participate in the search for new forms of cooperation on the basis of flexible international diplomacy.

Within the EU, Slovakia should advocate the stance of its returning to the values of life and non-violence, restoration of the rule of law, public sector clean-ups, which will strengthen the EU so that it can participate as a united force in the configuration of the new world order. It will be crucial for European security to maintain the US dominant position in the Western world, but at the same time the EU needs a strong partnership with Russia, which will eventually understand the US quasi-communist and fascist elites having ruled in the US between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. From the economic point of view, it is necessary to cooperate and support the project of Silk Route with China, but with caution, with regard to information and patent security, while trade must take place on the fair trade platform. The problem of sovereignty inside is also linked to the problem of sovereignty outside, because if the international policy is to be active, and in the sense of the status concept, the nation state is supposed to provide the last instance against the negative effects on the citizens, then the foreign policy of the EU must be implemented without emotion and calculated rationality. That is, all the means must be used to raise resources, invest abroad so that areas in the world do not have a self-sustaining development, and EU firms can have a privileged position in these markets as China does and “help”, which means spending the resources without creating a platform for the expansion of our own companies only if the costs of passivity are higher than “aid”.

Ľubor Navračič (*1968)

The author graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, University of Economics, and the Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava. In 1990, he was the first candidate chairperson of the Czechoslovak MENSA organization, after the Velvet Revolution he was the publisher of the weekly ZMENA, then began working in the banking sector where he held several positions, while having taught for one semester the study subject of “Assets and Liabilities Management” and “Banking Products and Services” at the University of Economics in Bratislava. He then assumed the post of Chief Financial Officer in the Chemical Factories in Novaky and after 2000 he was engaged in the administration and recovery of doubtful assets and served as counsellor-at-law. For all his professional life, he has been in contact with persons of high internal motivation – tension who employ a creative approach to understanding the truth. This book presents instructions on how to “stay human in the human jungle”.

Title: Theory of truth                                               Category: Educational and technical literature

Author: Ľubor Navračič                                           Language: English

Publisher: FUNSUN                                                 Binding: paperback

ISBN: 978-80-973129-0-9                                        Pages: 192

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